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2016 Renewed Silver Dollar - Library of Parliament 2 Oz Gold-Plated2015 Renewed Silver Dollar - Voyageurs 2 Oz Gold-Plated
      Hottest Release of the Year!
  2 Oz Silver Library of Parliament!
  Masters Club Gold-Plated Special!

Celebrating Canada 150th Silver Double Dollar Proof Set Masters Club Exclusive - Orca Killer Whale
   Canada December New Releases
  Roman Zodiac, Big Coins Cougar,
   Canada's 150th Proof Set, More!

5 Oz Goose DollarBig Coins #2 - Alex Coleville designs - Cougar
 5 Oz Big Coins Alex Colville Series!
   Gold-Plated Centennial Designs!
 Canada Goose Dollar + Wood Box!

Zodiac Birthstones #1 - Capricorn Twelve Signs of the Zodiac
  Roman Zodiac Crystal Birthstones
   Color and 2 Swarovski Crystals!
  First issue: Capricorn Silver Proof!

Celebrating Canada - Great Blue HeronCelebrating Canada #6 - Aurora Borealis
      Celebrating Canada's 150th!
    Series of 12 Color Photo Coins!
 Aurora Borealis, Blue Heron, More!

Chinese New Year Dragon Silver Proof Year of the Rooster Good Fortune - Wealth Silver Proof
  Australia December New Releases
  Chinese New Year - Dragon Silver
  Rooster 4-Coin, Good Fortune Sets

Year of the Rooster Rectangle 4-Coin Set 
   Year of the Rooster 4-Coin Set
  Rectangle Shaped Silver Dollars!
   Previous Years Still Available!

Year of the Rooster Good Fortune Set Year of the Monkey Good Fortune Set
  Year of Rooster Good Fortune!
   Wealth & Wisdom 2-Coin Set!
 + Earlier Monkey, Horse, Snake!

Canada 150th 2 Oz Silver Maple Leaf SMLMaple Quartet 4-Coin Silver Maple Set
  Canada's First 2 Oz Silver Maple!
   Low Mintage Matte Proof SML!
  + 4-Coin Square Maple Set, More!

Grizzly Statuette 10 Oz Silver Canada Football Convex Silver Proof
   Canada November New Releases
    Grizzly 10 Oz Statuette, Football,
  Falcon 5 Oz Gold, Birds Set, More!

Lynx Cubs #5 Silver Proof Baby Holiday Rooster 1/2 Oz Silver
  Australia November New Releases
 Gilded, High Relief, & Baby Roosters
  3-Coin Piedfort Set, Cubs 5-Coin Set

Predator: Inuit Arctic FoxPredators vs. Prey 4-Coin Gold Proof Set in Solid Wood Box
 Predator vs. Prey 4-Coin Gold Set!
  Predator: Arctic Fox; Prey: Hare
 in Solid Wood Case or Single Boxes

Butterfly IllusionsSnowy Owl Illusion
    Landscape Illusions Wildlife!
  Hidden Butterfly, Salmon, Owl!
  + 5-Coin Complete Set in Case!

Baby Animals WoodchuckBaby Animals Caribou
   Baby Animals #11 - Woodchuck!
   Low Mintage Color Silver Proofs
    + Owl, Raccoon, Beaver, Bear!

2016 High Relief 3-Coin Set
  2016 High Relief Silver Dollar Set!
   Kookaburra, Koala, Kangaroo!
       3-Coin Piedfort Proof Set!

Bengal Tiger Cubs 50 CentsComplete 5-Coin Big Cat Cubs Set
 Big Cat Cubs 5-Coin Complete Set!
   Single Coins Available As Well
       + Five-Coin Display Box!

Migratory Birds #4 - Pileated WoodpeckerMigratory Birds #1 - Mountain Bluebird
     Migratory Birds of Canada!
 Bluebird, Goldfinch, Woodpecker
    Complete 4-Coin Collection!

2016 Yin Yang Rotating Charm Silver $1 Antique Finish 2016 Yin Yang Rotating Charm Silver $1 Antique Finish
   Yin  and Yang Rotating Charm!
  Antique Finish Silver Proof Dollar
     with Rotating Enamel Charm!

Icy Arctic $200 Silver 2 Oz Vast Prairies $200
     Icy Arctic $200 2 Oz Silver!
   Landscapes of the North Series
     + Previous Issues Available!

2017 Year of the Rooster High Relief Piedfort $12014 Horse High Relief Piedfort
  2017 Year of the Rooster Piedfort!
    High Relief 1 Oz Silver Dollar
  + Previous Piedfort Lunar Coins!

2017 Year of the Rooster Gilded Silver $12015 Year of the Goat Gilded
  Australian Year of the Rooster!
    Gilded 1 Ounce Silver Dollar
  + Previous Gold Plated Zodiac!

Legacy of the Penny 5-Coin SetLegacy of the Penny Silver Gold-Plated Proof
   Legacy of the Penny 5-Coin Set!
     Gold-Plated Classic Designs!
     2 Oz and 1 Oz Silver Pennies!

2017 3D Whale Breaching 2017 Kaleidoscope Polar Bear Silver Proof
      Newest Canadian Releases!
  Trivial Pursuit, Penny Legacy Set,
 Kaleidoscope, 3D Whale Breaching!

2017 Weather Phenomenon #4 - Fiery Sky 2016 Yin Yang Square Hole $200 Gold Proof
   Canada October New Releases
   Gold Maple Canopy, Yin Yang,
     Fiery Sky, Polar Bear, More!

Holiday Candle Star-Shaped Silver Proof Star Trek 2 Oz Silver in Communicator Display Case!
   Australia October New Releases
    Star Trek 2 Oz, Color Roosters,
 Christmas Star, Map Shaped Dingo

2017 Kookaburra Silver $12017 Kookaburra in Box
   2017 Kookaburra Silver Dollar
    in Capsule, Box or Mint Rolls!
    + Many Back Dates Available!

Canada Wildlife in Motion Elk $100 Silver Canada Wildlife in Motion Elk $100 Silver Color Box
     Elk $100 Commemorative!
    Wildlife In Motion Series #9
 + Eagle, Grizzly, Cougar, Horse

Star Trek 50th Enterprise Crew Members 2 Oz Silver Proof Star Trek 50th Delta Shield Shaped Silver $1
     Star Trek 50th Anniversary!
  Kirk, Spock & Crew 2 Oz Silver!
  Delta Shield Shaped Silver, More!

Polar Bear True North $25 SilverHoliday Woodland Elf $25 Silver
     Latest in Silver $20 Series
   Holiday Woodland Elf Color!
  + Polar Bear, Dinosaur & More!

2017 Year of the Rooster Silver Proof Set 2017 Year of the Rooster 4-Coin Typeset
 Year of the Rooster Proof Sets!
   New Rooster 4-Coin Typeset!
 3-Coin Silver Set: Mintage 1,000!

Bold Black Bear Silver Proof Majestic Animals 5-Coin Set in Wooden Case
   Majestic Animals - Black Bear!
 5-Coin Silver Set in Wooden Case
  Lynx, Hawk, Bison, Eagle, more!

Koi Fish Jumps Over the Dragon Gate 5 Oz Silver ProofChinese Mythical Creatures 2 Oz Antiqued Silver
 Koi Fish Jumps Over Dragon Gate
    2016 Color 5 Oz Silver Proof!
     + More Mythical Creatures!

Tall Ships Legacy Gold Proofs Tall Ships Legacy Set Color Outer Box
   Tall Ships Legacy Gold Proofs!
 #4 Discovery Single Now Available
  Complete 4-Coin Gold Proof Set!

Map Shaped Dingo Silver $1 2015 Map Shaped Redback Spider Silver $1
  Map Shaped Dingo (Wild Dog)!
   Australian Map Shaped Coins
 Crocodile, Koala, Redback Spider

NHL Hockey Passion - 7-Coin Complete Collection of $10 Silver ProofsOttawa Senators $10 Silver Box
  NHL Hockey Passion To Play!
  Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver
   7 Canadian Teams in Color!

2017 Year of the Rooster Silver Color Proof2017 Year of the Rooster Gold Color Proof
   Australia Year of the Rooster!
    Color Silver and Gold Proofs
  Silver & Gold 3-Coin Proof Sets!

2017 Gold Maple Leaf 4-Coin Set with Platinum Plating 2016 Diwali $200 Gold Proof
  Canada September New Releases
   Gold Maple 4-Coin Set, Diwali,
  Glass Seahorse, Snowflake, More!

Star Trek 50th Delta Shaped Gold Box Star Trek 50th Delta Shaped $200 Gold Proof
    Star Trek 50th - Delta Gold!
     Starfleet Shield Gold Proof
   VERY LOW Serial Numbers!

5 Oz LooniePolar Bear Toonie 5 Oz
      5 Oz Big Coins Color Series!
  Low Mintage, Huge Silver Proofs!
     + 6-Coin Set in Wooden Case!

Silvery Blue Glitter Enameled Snowflake Red Swarovski Crystal Snowflake
  Enamel Snowflake Silver Proof!
    Silvery Blue Glitter Enamel!
 + More Silver & Gold Snowflakes!

Under The Sea #1 - Glass Seahorse Under the Sea - Glass Seahorse View
  Under The Sea - Glass Seahorse!
    First in Fantastic New Series!
    Mosaic Murrini Glass on Coin!

2016 DC Originals 3-Coin SetWonder Woman
  DC Originals 3-Coin Silver Set!
   Batman, Superman, Wonder
  Woman in Glow-in-Dark Box!

2015 Silver Maple Leaf ANA Privy Mark Special Edition2016 Silver Maple Leaf ANA Privy Mark Special Edition
  ANA Privy Mark Silver Maple!
     2016 Special Edition SML
  + Previous Privy Mark SMLs!

Big Cat Cubs - White Lion Silver Kangaroo Proof
 Australia September New Releases
   Kangaroo Silver Fractional Set,
 White Lion Cubs, Year of Rooster!

2017 Year of the Rooster Silver Proof 2017 Year of the Rooster Gold Proof
   Australia Year of the Rooster!
      Silver Proofs, Gold Proofs,
  Silver & Gold 3-Coin Proof Sets!

Mahogany Sugar Glider $12017 Green & Golden Bell Frog $1 Silver Proof
     Endangered & Extinct Series
   New Green & Golden Bell Frog!
 + Sugar Glider, Sea Turtle, more!

2016 Remarkable Reptiles #4 - Goanna Monitor Lizard 2017 Remarkable Reptiles Goanna Monitor Lizard Gold Proof
  Remarkable Reptiles Gold Proof
    1 Oz Goanna Monitor Lizard!
   + Previous Gold & Silver Issues

National Heroes - Police National Heroes - Firefighter
   Canada 2016 National Heroes
  Firefighters, Police, Paramedics,
  Military, + 4-Coin Complete Set!

Melbourne ANDA Coin Show Special Kangaroo Melbourne ANDA Coin Show Special Kangaroo Box
   Melbourne Coin Show Special!
   ANDA Color Kangaroo Silver
     + More Coin Show Specials!

KayakingPeggy's Cove Lighthouse
    Canada's 150th Anniversary!
     13-Coin Silver Proof Series!
    Loon, Kayaking, Lighthouse!

2016 Dragon Birthstone for February 2016 Dragon Birthstone for October - Opal
 Canada 2016 Dragon Birthstones
 with Genuine Swarvoski Crystals!
Color Stone for Each Birth Month!

Illuminated Coral Reef Glow In The Dark 2 Oz Silver Proof Chief Wanduta 5 Oz Silver Proof
    Canada August New Releases!
    Glow-In-the-Dark Coral Reef,
  Chief Wanduta 5 Oz, Much More!

2016 Koala High Relief Silver Proof $1 Gilded Koala Silver $1
   Australia August New Releases!
 Norse God Loki, High Relief Koala,
   Gilded Kangaroo, 5 Oz Rooster!

Vast Prairies $200 Silver 2 Oz Vast Prairies $200 Box
    Vast Prairies $200 2 Oz Silver!
   Landscapes of the North Series
     + Previous Issues Available!

Norse Gods - ThorNorse Gods - Loki 2 Oz
  Norse Gods of Valhalla #3: Loki!
  2 Oz Medallic Silver Proof Series
   + Special Low Serial Numbers!

2016 Gold Maple Shaped Maple Leaf Silhouette2016 Maple Leaf Shaped Color Silver Proof
  Maple Leaf Shaped Silver & Gold!
   Autumn Color, Canadian Geese,
    + Maple Silhouette Gold Proof!

2017 Year of the Rooster 5 Oz 2015 Year of the Goat Gilded 5 Oz
   Year of the Rooster 5 Ounce!
  Ultra High Relief Gilded Silver!
   Mintage just 500! Get it now!

2016 Gilded Kangaroo Silver $1 Gilded Koala Silver $1 Box
   First-Ever Gilded Kangaroo $1!
  Special Edition Gold-Plated Silver
  Mintage Only 5,000 - Get It Now!

Reflections Otter Reflections of Wildlife 3-Coin Set
    Reflections of Wildlife 3-Coin Set
    Super Affordable Silver Proofs
    Grizzly Bear, Otter, Arctic Fox!

Canadian Landscapes - Reaching the Top Canadian Landscapes - Ski Chalet
  Canadian Landscapes 4-Coin Set
    Stunning Color Silver Proofs
 Rockies, Lake Magog, Ski Chalet!

Alluring Autumn 3-Coin Gold Proof Set Canada Tom Thomson $200 Gold Proof
         Gold Clearance Sale!
  Special Purchases - Great Deals
  Gold Maple Set, Tom Thomson!

Dragon & His Nine Sons 5 Oz High Relief Silver Proof Dragon & His Nine Sons Color 5 Oz
      Dragon & His Nine Sons!
  High Relief 5 Oz Silver Proof with
    Chinese Mythical Creatures!

Basketball Concave Silver Proof Iconic Animals Baronial Bald Eagle
      Canada July New Releases!
   Basketball Concave, Superman,
  Bald Eagle, WWI, Canada 150th!

Geometry in Art Set Geometry in Art Loon
   Geometry In Art 5-Coin Proof Set
  Unusual Color Silver Proof Designs
 Caribou, Loonie, Polar Bear, Maple!

3-Coin Set Green Man
    Sculptural Art of Parliament
 3-Coin High Relief Silver Proof Set
 Carved Grotesques in Wood Case!

2017 Gold Maple Leaf 150 Years of Passion and Confederacy2016 Gold Maple Leaf 5 Oz Proof
     2017 Gold Maple Leaf Proof!
 150 Years Passion & Confederacy!
     + More Gold Proof Maples!

Polar Bear Enamel Silver ProofPolar Bear Enamel Outer Box
  Polar Bear & Cub Blue Enamel!
     Masters Club Special Edition!
  Sold Out at Mint! Mintage 4,000!

Yin Yang Square Hole Silver Proof Gold Blessings of Good Health
     Canada June New Releases!
  Maples in Silver, Gold, Platinum,
 Blessings, Square Hole, and More!

Dirk Hartog First Australian Landings Tall Ship Kookaburra 2016 Kilogram Silver Proof
   Australia June New Releases!
    Norse Gods #2 - Thor 2 Oz!
   Tall Ships, Kookaburra Kilo!

2009 Silver Maple Leaf Crystal Raindrop2016 Silver Maple Leaf Crystal Raindrop
   Crystal Raindrop Maple Leaf!
  Silver Proof - Mintage Just 4500!
   + Previous Crystal Raindrops!

2016 Maple Forever Color Gold-Plated Kilogram Proof2014 Maple Forever Enamel Kilo
   2016 Maple Forever Kilogram!
    Color and 24k Gold Plating!
    + Prior Dates of Kilo Maples!

2016 Batman vs. Superman- 4-Coin Collection
  Batman v Superman 4-Coin Set!
     Silver Box Set with Batman,
    Superman, Wonder Woman!

Star Trek $20 Silver Star Trek: Captain Kirk
    Star Trek 50th Anniversary!
     Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Scotty,
    Enterprise, Classic Episodes!

Black Bear Gold Marco Polo Tall Ships Gold
     Canada May New Releases!
  Salmon, Baby Loon, Dinosaurs,
   Big Coins Beaver, Lynx, More!

2016 Gold Sovereign Kimberley Sunset 2 Oz Gold with Diamond
   Australia May New Releases!
 Gold Sovereign, Kimberley Gold
  Jaguar Cubs, Goanna Lizard!

Murano Glass Maple Leaf 5 Oz Silver ProofMurano Glass Maple Leaf
   First Murano Glass Maple Leaf!
 5 Oz Silver Proof w Venetian Glass
  Sold Out at the Mint Immediately!

3-Coin Set
  Canadian Day of the Dinosaurs!
  Complete 3-Coin Silver Proof Set
  Each Dino Also Available Singly!

Salmonids Complete 3-Coin Set
    Salmonids of North America Set
    Atlantic Salmon, Char, Sockeye
    + Wooden Case & Fishing Lure!

Star Trek Silver Dollar - Captain Sisko Star Trek - Ferenghi Latinum Slip
      Star Trek Coins and Sets!
    New Ferengi Latinum Slip!
    + Captains and their Ships!

Queen Elizabeth II Rose Gold-Plated Silver ProofQueen Elizabeth Rose Bloom
      Queen Elizabeth II Rose!
 Silver Proof w Rose Gold Plating
 for the 90th Birthday Celebration

QEII 90th Birthday Gold Proof with Diamonds and Emerald!Canada QEII 90th Birthday Color Silver $1
 Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday
      Gem-Studded Gold Proof,
  Silver High Relief Proof, more!

2015 QEII Longest Reigning Monarch Silver ProofQEII Longest Reigning Monarch Gold Fractional Set
  Queen Elizabeth II Celebrated!
    Longest Reigning Monarch!
    Silver, Gold Proofs and Sets!

Mother Earth 3D Droplet Weather Phenomenon - Rainbow
       Canada April Releases!
 QEII 90th Birthday Silver, Gold
   Rainbow, Dino, Grizzly, More!

Ocean Fairy Silver Proof QEII 90th Birthday Gold Proof
      Australia April Releases!
 Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday
 Ocean Fairy, Mini Roo, ANZAC!

2016 Batman vs. Superman- Superman Silver Proof2016 Batman vs. Superman Gold Proof
   Batman vs. Superman Coins!
  Dawn of Justice Film Coming!
  Silver, Gold, Lenticular, Color!

Realms of Haida Silver 5 Oz Eagle Realms of Haida Bear 5 Oz Gold
     Realms of the Haida - Bear!
  5 Oz Silver, Gold Enamel Proofs
 Set of 3 Native American Designs!

50¢ Roll50¢ Coin
  2016 Canada 50¢ Coat of Arms
    Special Mint Wrapped Rolls
      Not Available in Banks!

Forest Babies - Brown BearForest Babies - Grey Wolf
    Set of 3 Cute Forest Babies!
      Grey Wolf, Red Squirrel,
    & Brown Bear Silver Proofs

Grizzly $125 1/2 Kilogram Silver 2014 Howling Wolf 1/2 Kilogram
  Roaring Grizzly 1/2 Kilo Silver!
  Previous Growling Cougar and
   Howling Wolf Still Available!

Mini Roo 0.5 Gram GoldCanada Arctic Fox
      2016 Mini Roo 0.5 Gram!
 + Mini Koala, Mini Kookaburra,
  Arctic Fox, Chipmunk, more!

Crystals - Love Doves Cherry Blossoms
      Canada March Releases!
  Dinosaur, Arctic Fox, Bluenose,
   Cherry Blossoms, Glass Snail!

WWI Western Front 5 Oz Silver ANZAC Gold Proof
     Australia March Releases!
 Norse God Odin, WWI Centenary
  Tiger Cubs, Map Shaped Shark!

2016 Year of the Monkey ANDA 2 Oz Silver Color Proof 201 Year of the Goat 2 Oz ANDA Color Proof
  ANDA 2 Oz Monkey Silver Proof!
 Coin Show Special - Mintage 1,000!
    Some Previous Years Available!

Arctic Hare $50 CommemPolar Bear $50 Commemorative
 Arctic Hare $50 Commemorative!
  Wildlife Conservation Series #4!
 + Polar Bear, Snowy Owl, Beaver

2014 Glass Leopard Frog 2016 Murano Glass Snail $20 Silver
      New Venetian Glass Snail!
    Glass Leopard Frog, Turtle,
 & Holiday Angel Still Available!

2016 Deadly & Dangerous Death Adder Silver $12015 Deadly & Dangerous Bull Ant Silver $1
    Venemous Death Adder $1!
     New Deadly & Dangerous
    + Bull Ant, Scorpion, more!

1850 Shooting Thaler Silver Rare German Wildman Taler
    Rare Bronze & Silver Talers!
 Graded in PCGS & NGC Holders
     Only One of Each Available!

Kookaburra SIlver Berlin Coin Show Special Edition Kookaburra SIlver Proof Berlin Coin Show Special Edition
 Berlin World Money Fair Special!
 Silver Kookaburra - Mintage 2000!
+ More Kookaburra Show Specials!

2016 Gold Shooting Thaler 2016 Silver Shooting Thaler
    2016 Swiss Shooting Thalers!
     Low Mintage Silver & Gold
       + Many Previous Issues!

Roaring Grizzly Bear Gold Growling Cougar Gold
  Call of the Wild - Roaring Grizzly
    Five 9's Pure Gold 1 Oz Proof
    Truly Rare - MINTAGE 250!

World War I Poster - Daddy is Fighting World War I Recruiting Poster  
  Posters of World War I - Centenary
  Daddy is Fighting - Buy War Bonds,
    Recruiting & Nurses - Red Cross!

2015 Battle of Britain Silver $1Rats of Tobruk Silver $1
       WW II 75th Anniversary!
     Rats of Tobruk Desert Siege!
 Battle of Britain Hawker Huricanes

ANZAC Spirit Silver 2016 ANZAC Battle of Somme
   ANZAC Spirit - World War I
   Battle of the Somme Silver $1
 + Gallipoli, 3-Coin Proof Set, More!

Moonlight Wolves 2 Oz Glow In The Dark Moonlight Fireflies
 Moonlight Wolves, Northern Lights
   Glow In The Dark 2 Oz Silver
  Moonlight Series #2, Will Sell Out!

Cougar Enamel Eyes KiloSpirit Bear Enamel Eyes Kilogram
 Enamel Eyes Wildlife Silver Kilos
    Kermode Black Spirit Bear!
      + Cougar, Snowy Owl!

Australia Decimal Coinage 50th 2-Coin Silver Proof Set 
  Decimal Coinage 50th 2-Coin Set!
  Classic Designs! Mintage = 2,000!
 2 x Silver Proof $1 + 2 Bonus Coins!

Opals Lunar Monkey Opals #5 Tasmanian Devil
  New Opals Series Lunar Monkey!
  + Owl, Possum, Python, Wombat,
     Bat, Devil with Genuine Opal!

Australian Dinosaur Silver $1Canada 2016 T-Rex $20 Silver Proof
  $20 Tyrannosaurus Rex Silver!
       Dinosaur Attack!  RUN!
   + More Great Dinosaur Coins!

2016 NASCAR Daytona 500Canada 2016 NASCAR Victory Lap
      NASCAR Racing Action!
    Victory Lap & Daytona 500!
   Pure Silver 1/2 Oz Medallions!

WWI Battle of Fromelles World War I Gallipoli Lenticular Gold  
  World War I 100th Anniversary
   Battle of Fromelles Gold Proof!
   Mintage = 150!  + More WWI!

Always Together KittensAlways Together Puppies
  Always Together Puppy Dogs!
    Great Valentine's Day Gift!
   Black & Golden Labradors

2016 Koala2015 Koala 1/10 Oz
     2016 Koala Silver Dollar!
   Also in Box and Mint Rolls!
    (Click here for all Koalas!)

Birthday Gift SetNew Baby Gift Set
       Canada 2016 Gift Sets!
  New Baby, Birthday, Wedding,
 O Canada each w/Special Loonie!

Australia 2016 New Baby Kookaburra Silver ProofCanada Baby Gift Set Special Toy Blocks Loonie $1
       New Baby 2016 Coins!
   Baby Kookaburra Silver Proof,
  Gift Set with Toy Blocks Loonie!

Australia 2016 Wedding Silver $1Canada Wedding Gift Set Special Wedding Bells Loonie $1
    Wedding Celebration Coins!
     2016 Wedding Silver Dollar,
   Wedding 5-Coin Mint Gift Set!

Holiday Toy Box LenticularHoliday Star Shaped Silver Proof
   Holiday Themed Coin & Sets!
Super Affordable - All Under $100
  Great Gifts & Stocking Stuffers!

Big Coins 6-Coin Set in Wooden Display CaseToonie 5 Oz
         5 Oz Big Coins Series!
 Rare 6-Coin Set in Wooden Box!
  Individual Coins Also Available!

Howling Wolf 1/2 KilogramIconic Alpha Male Wolf
         Beautiful Wolf Coins!
     Fractional 4-Coin Proof Set
 + Variety of Silver & Gold coins!

Home Front 4-Coin SetWWI Navy Submarine
   Home Front Military Machines!
    World War I & World War II!
   Complete 4-Coin Set Available!

Looney Tunes 8-Coin Collection in Display Case Tower Box 
  Looney Tunes™ 8-Coin Silver Proof Set
   in Oversized Display Case Tower Box!
  Bugs, Daffy, Sylvester, Tweety & More!

2015 Legacy of the Nickel #3 - Victory "V"Legacy of Nickel 6-Coin Set
  Legacy of the Canadian Nickel!
   6-Coin Gilded Silver Proof Set
  Historic Canada Nickel Designs!

Bald Eagle Fractional Silver Proof Set Lone Wolf Silver Proof
   Lone Wolf Fractional Set!
     4-Coin Silver Proof Set
       in Solid Maple Case!

Daffy Duck 2 Oz Silver Looney Tunes Cast Gold Proof
 Looney Tunes™ Merrie Melodies!
   Bugs, Daffy, Sylvester, Tweety
    Silver, Gold and Watch Sets!

Lotus Shaped Goose $20 SilverLotus Goose in Box
 Master of the Sky Canada Goose!
   $20 Lotus Shaped Silver Proof
          Click For More Info!

Grizzly Bear Battle Gold Grizzly Clan
     Great Grizzly Bear Series!
  4-Coin Set with Edge Lettering
  + Low Mintage Gold, Platinum!

Diwali 0.5 Gram Pure Gold ProofDiwali 1 Oz Pure Gold Proof
  Celebrate Diwali with Pure Gold!
 0.5 Gram = Amazingly Affordable!
  1 Troy Ounce, Mintage Just 275!

Mother of Pearl Trans-Siberian Express 5 OzYear of Monkey Mother of Pearl 5 Oz Silver
 Mother of Pearl 5 Oz Silver Proofs!
 Year of the Monkey - Mintage 888!
 Trans-Siberian Railroad - Just 750!

Silver $1 in light-up DeLorean Car Shaped Package!1/4 Oz Gold Back To The Future Proof
     Back To The Future 30th!
   Silver Proof in DeLorean Car!
  2 Oz Hoverboard, Gold Proof!

Autumn Express $20 SilverAutumn Falls Silver
    Autumn Falls Silver Proof!
  + Autumn Bliss, River Rapids
      Stunning Nature Series!

2016 Year of the Monkey Silver Color Proof 2016 Year of the Monkey Gold Color Proof
  Australia Year of the Monkey!
   Color Silver Proofs, Type Set!
   Gold Proofs and Color Gold!

2016 Year of the Monkey Silver Proof Set 2016 Year of the Monkey 4-Coin Typeset
 Year of the Monkey Proof Sets!
   New Monkey 4-Coin Typeset!
3-Coin Silver Set: Mintage 1,000!

NHL Original Six - Goalies
    NHL Original Six Goalies!
 Classic Teams, Hall of Famers
   6-Coin Set in Wooden Box!

Dance Screen 5 Kilogram Silver ProofDance Screen 5 Kilogram Silver Proof in Box
    Canada 5 Kilo High Relief Silver!
  Native American Art: Dance Screen!
     Huge Proof - MINTAGE = 100 !

2015 Pizza Scented CoinPizza Scented Coin in Box
     Unique Pizza Scented Coin!
     In Pizza Delivery Style Box!
 + More Awesome Aroma Coins!

Coins from the Crypt 4-Coin Silver Proof SetCoins from the Crypt Coffin Case!
  Coins from the Crypt Silver Proof Set!
    Werewolf, Mummy, Reaper, More!
     In Screaming Coffin-Shaped Box!

Diwali Gold $200 Tom Thomson Gold $200 Proof
  Investment Grade Gold & Silver!
   Golf Proofs, 5 Oz & 10 Oz Silver
  Rare - Incredibly Low Mintages!

Forests of Canada 4-Coin Set in Box
  4 Coin Forests of Canada Set!
    Tulip Tree, Balsam Poplar,
    Pine, Yew in Wooden Case!

2015 Scimitar Toothed Cat Silver Proof2014 Woolly Mammoth Gold Proof
    Ice Age Prehistoric Animals!
  Woolly Mammoth, Saber Tooth
   Tiger - Silver and Gold Proofs!

Star Trek Silver Dollar - Captain Janeway Star Trek - Voyager Transporter Set
     Star Trek: Voyager Coins!
 Captain Janeway, USS Voyager
   2-Coin Sets in Light Up Cases!

Goddesses of Olympus - AphroditeGods of Olympus Box
 Goddess of Olympus: Aphrodite!
   Final in 2 Oz Medallic Series
  Incredible High Relief Design!

Northern Lights - Raven $20 Hologram Silver Proof Northern Lights - The Raven Box
   Northern Lights: The Raven!
      Third in Hologram Series!
  + Howling Wolf & Great Hare!

2015 Superman2015 Supergirl
   Superman & Supergirl Coins!
      New DC Originals Series!
  Plus Superman $20 Commem!

2016 Year of the Monkey Lotus Silver ProofCanada Gold Monkey
    Year of the Monkey Coins!
   2016 Chinese Lunar Zodiac
   Silver, Gold, and Lotus Kilo!

Treasures of the World #3 - Turquoise Silver Proof Treasures of the World #3 - Turquoise Gold Proof
      Treasures of the World!
   Native American Turquoise!
    1 Oz Silver & Gold Proofs!

2016 Year of the Monkey 5 Oz 2015 Year of the Goat Gilded 5 Oz
  Bruce Lee 75th Anniversary!
   Martial Arts Icon Celebrated
     on Silver and Gold Proofs!

2015 Cavnasback DucksHarlequin Ducks $10
   Ducks #6 - Canvasback Pair!
   Affordable Color Silver Proof
 + Mallard, Wood, Pintail, More!

Lost Ships in Canadian Waters #2 Lost Ships #1 - Empress of Ireland
   Canada Lost Ships Series #2!
    Franklin's Lost Expedition!
     + 1st: Empress of Ireland!

Star Trek Silver Dollar - Deep Space Nine Station Star Trek Transporter Set
     Star Trek: Deep Space Nine!
 Captain Sisko, DS9 Space Station
   2-Coin Sets in Light Up Cases!

2015 Kangaroo High Relief PiedfortKangaroo High Relief Box
    2015 High Relief Kangaroo!
  Medallic High Relief Piedfort!
 + Previous Years Still Available!

Sportfish 4-Coin Set in Box
 4 Coin Sportfish Proof Set in Box!
       Bass, Pike, Walleye, Trout
     + Gold Bass, Platinum Trout!

2015 FIFA Soccer Gold2015 FIFA Color Maple Leaf
      FIFA World Cup Soccer!
  Women's Soccer Silver & Gold
    including 6-Coin Proof Set!

2015 Superman vs. Lex Luthor $100 Gold Proof2015 Superman $20 Silver Proof
    2015 Canada Superman Coins!
   Man of Steel in Silver and Gold!
   Plus Discount 3-Coin Silver Set!

2015 Antarctic Elephant Seal Bull2014 Albatross
   Antarctic Elephant Seal Bull!
    + Glowing Aurora Australis,
     Albatross, Penguins, More!

Canoe Across Canada #5 Canoe Across Canada #4
   Canoe Across Canada Silver!
   Explore the Great Outdoors!
   6 Coin Series of Silver Proofs

Royal Birth Gold ProofRoyal Birth Silver $1 
  Princess Charlotte Royal Birth!
    William & Kate's New Baby!
       Silver and Gold Proofs!

Bald Eagle Fractional Silver Proof Set Bald Eagle Silver Proof
  Bald Eagle Fractional Set!
    4-Coin Silver Proof Set
     in Solid Maple Case!

2014 Red Trillium Crystal2015 Black Eyed Susan Crystal Dewdrops
      Black Eyed Susan Crystal!
  Crystal Dewdrops Maple Leafs!
 + Blue Flag Iris, Water Lily, more!

Majestic Maple Jade Silver Maple Leaf2015 Iconic Jade Polar Bear
      Genuine Jade Polar Bear!
   + Jade Majestic Maple Leaf!
 First Two Jade Gemstone Coins!

2015 Gold Bessings of Prosperity GoldBlessings of Prosperity Silver Maple Leaf 
    Blessings of Prosperity Maple!
   + Lotus Gold Ox - Mintage 888!
   More Blessings Coins Available!

2015 Battle of Britain Silver $1Canada Battle of Britain $20 Silver
   World War II Battle of Britain!
      WWII 75th Anniversary!
        War Commemoratives

Majestic Maple 3-Coin Set in BoxCanada 2014 Majestic Maple Color
  Majestic Maple Leaves Box Set!
   Silver, Color & Genuine Jade!
   + Gold and Platinum Versions!

Bald Eagle Color $20Bald Eagle Gold Plated $20
    American Bald Eagle Series!
  "A Day in the Life" 3-Coin Set
 Silver, Gold and Platinum Proofs!

2015 Moon Mask Enamel Gold 2015 Moon Mask Silver Proof 3-Coin Set
     Moon Mask High Relief!
      Silver 3-Coin Proof Set
  Pure Gold with Red Enamel!

Snowy Owl Smallest Gold 2015 Rock Rabbit 0.5 gram Gold
  Canada's Smallest Gold Coins!
   New Rock Rabbit 0.5 Gram!
    + Snowy Owl 1/25 Oz Gold!

2015 ANZAC Goodbye Cobber Gold Proof 2015 ANZAC Fallen Heroes Silver Kilo
   ANZAC Spirit World War I
     Silver Kilo & Gold Proof
    Low Mintage Investments!

Cougar $250 Kilogram Enamel Eyes 2014 Snowy Owl Enamel Eyes $250 Kilogram
  Cougar Silver Kilo Enamel Eyes!
 2nd in Enamel Eye Wildlife Series
  First Snowy Owl Still Available!

Gold Lynx High ReliefLynx Ultra High Relief
  Canada Lynx Ultra High Relief!
   1 Ounce Silver & Gold Proofs
  Beautiful Wildlife Medallic Art!

Maple Canopy #4Maple Canopy 4-Coin Set
     Maple Canopy 4-Coin Set!
  Spring Leaves, Autumn Leaves
  Silver Proofs, Sold Out at Mint!

Oh Canada 12-Coin SetOh! Canada Polar Bear 
      Oh! Canada Proof Sets!
   Complete Silver & Gold Set!
     2013 & 2014 Animal Sets!

Land Down Under #2 - Gold Sea TurtleLand Down Under 4-Coin Set
  2014 Land Down Under Series!
     Complete 4-Coin Silver Set!
  Silver & Gold Proofs Available!

F15 PrivyFabulous 15 F15 Privy Mark SML
      Fabulous 15 Privy Mark!
 Low Mintage Silver Maple Leaf!
   Rare European Release SML!

Glow In the Dark TiktaalikAlbertosaurus
     4th Silver Dinosaur Proof!
    Plus Lenticular Motion and
   Glow-In-the-Dark Dinosaurs!

Gold DeerDeer Series #4
     Deer Series Silver Proofs!
        4th in Series - Family!
     + Gold, Platinum Proofs!

2014 Green Enamel MapleSML Set with Red Enamel
     SML Fractional Set!
    w/Red Enamel Maple!
 + Green, Red Enamel SMLs

Bald Eagle #42014 Bald Eagle $100 Silver
   Canada Gold & Silver Eagles!
      4-Coin Silver 1 Oz Series!
  Plus Beautiful 1 Oz Gold Proof!

2012 Polar Bear Family ProofWildlife In Need Siberian Tiger
    Wildlife in Need 5-Coin Series!
  Panda, Orangutang, Polar Bear,
   Siberian Tiger, and Rhinoceros

Dragons of Legend 4 - Hydra or Bulgarian 3-Headed DragonEuropean Green Dragon #5
   Dragons of Legend 5-Coin Set!
   New European Green Dragon!
    + Special Edition 5 Oz Silver!

Australia Flag    Australian & Perth Mints
  New!   New Releases!

2014 Australian Coins

Canada Flag    Canada - Royal Canadian Mint
  New!   New Releases!

2014 Canadian Coins

France Flag
   France - Monnaie de Paris

Poland Flag  
   Poland - Mint Of Poland