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Special Purchase! Grizzly Bear 10 Ounce Silver Gold-Plated Statuette!
+ New 2017 Canadian 5-Coin Gift Sets

Oh! Canada 5-Coin Mint Gift Set with Special Edition Loonie $1
Happy New Year from all of us at Talisman Coins! We begin the year with the Royal Canadian Mint's annual Gift Sets for all occasions, including the Birthday Gift Set, the New Baby Gift Set, the Wedding Gift Set, and the O Canada Gift Set! Each 5-Coin Uncirculated Mint Set features a special edition Loonie Dollar with a one-year-only design, unique to each set! Additionally, these sets feature the traditional circulation coin designs (and not the Canada 150th Anniversary designs that
will be issued for circulation in 2017)!

Sculptures of Majestic Canadian Animals #1 - Grizzly Bear $100 10 Oz Silver Proof
Special Purchase!Thanks to a special purchase, we've managed to acquire a tiny handful of the much sought-after Grizzly Bear 10 Ounce Statuette Gold-Plated Silver Proof - now back in stock, for the time being! This incredible, innovative concept sold out at the Mint instantly (and you can see why - it's truly something to behold - even more so in person!) so be sure to jump on this fortuitous offer before these grizzlies are gone for good!

Availability Note - The new Mint Sets were just announced by the Mint. We are currently taking, guaranteeing and confirming orders now. We expect to begin shipping as soon as the coins are available. Thank you in advance for your patience!

Canada 2017 Sculptures of Majestic Animals #1 - Grizzly Bear 10 Oz Silver Statuette

Special Purchase!                 Special Purchase!
                Grizzly Bear 10 Oz Statuette - Back in Stock!
Grizzly Bear Statuette - full package

Sold OutInvestment Opportunity!Only a fortunate few will benefit from this special purchase! The Royal Canadian Mint brings us innovation at its finest - a ten troy ounce pure silver multi-dimensional coin! The poured silver statuette of a majestic grizzly bear by wildlife artist Karl Lansing, plated in 24-karat gold, rises out of the proof coin! Thanks to a special purchase, we are able to offer only a tiny, limited number, so don't delay!

This unique sculptural coin features an array of impressive features:
  • First-ever Canadian coin featuring an art sculpture emerging from the coin!
  • First in a new five-coin series, Sculptures of Majestic Canadian Animals!
  • Safely protected inside a dome-like capsule.
  • Limited mintage of just 1,200 - Sold Out at the Mint instantly!
  • A full 10 troy ounces of pure silver, with 24-karat gold plating!

You've never seen anything quite like this - get yours today, before they're gone for good!

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Canada 2016 Themed 5-Coin Uncirculated Mint Gift Sets

5-Coin Uncirculated Mint Sets for Every Occasion!
Each of these special 5-Coin Gift Sets contains a special edition, one-year-only design Loonie Dollar, available in these sets and nowhere else! In addition, each set also contains four standard circulation design coins for 2017 - note that these designs will not be available in circulation, because they will be replaced with the special Canada 150th Anniversary designs for 2017!

2017 Oh! Canada Gift Set2017 Oh! Canada Gift Set Special Maple Leaf Loonie $1
2017 Oh! Canada 5-Coin Mint Set
with Special Maple Leaf Loonie

Celebrate the glory that is Canada with this set featuring a special Maple Leaf Loonie Dollar, featuring a maple leaf gently wafting through the air!

Retail Price $39.95
Special SALE Price Only $14.95!

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2017 New Baby Gift Set2017 New Baby Gift Set Special Loonie $1
2017 New Baby 5-Coin Mint Set
with Special Rocking Horse Loonie

Celebrate baby's birth with the gift of money, including a special Rocking Horse Loonie Dollar! The toy hobby horse is a perfect symbol of baby joy!

Retail Price $39.95
Special SALE Price Only $14.95!

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2017 Birthday Gift Set2017 Birthday Gift Set Special Loonie $1
2017 Birthday 5-Coin Mint Set
with Special Birthday Party Loonie

Celebrate a happy birthday with this gift set featuring a special edition, Birthday Presents Loonie Dollar unique to this set! What a great alternative to a plain old birthday card!

Retail Price $39.95
Special SALE Price Only $14.95!

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2017 Wedding Gift Set2017 Wedding Gift Set Special Loonie $1
2016 Wedding 5-Coin Mint Set
with Special Wedding Rings Loonie

Celebrate the wedding nuptials with this beautiful and memorable gift set featuring a lovely special edition Loonie Dollar with wedding rings, a blooming rose, and hearts!

Retail Price $39.95
Special SALE Price Only $14.95!

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