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Low Mintage, Investment Grade Silver!

Tuvalu 2017-P Polar Babies #2 - Emperor Penguin Baby Chick 50 Cents Pure Silver Half Dollar Proof with ColorWelcome to April! The Perth Mint brings us the second charming silver proof in the ongoing Polar Babies program - the Emperor Penguin Chick. We think that this little guy might be even more adorable than the first in the series, the Polar Bear Cub, but we'll let you make that call!

The big news, however, is a trio of TRULY RARE, investment grade silver coins! And by "big", we do mean "BIG" - each of these stunning designs is quite hefty, weighing in at 2 troy ounces, 5 troy ounces, and one full kilogram respectively. Even more impressive than their sizes, however, are the absolutely tiny mintage limits.
Check these out:

     1)  Dragon & Flaming Pearl 2 Oz Silver Antique Finish - Total mintage just 1,000!
     2)  Author Henry Laswon $8 5 Oz Silver Proof with Color -
Total mintage just 250!
     3)  Laughing Kookaburra Pair $30 1 Kilogram Silver Proof - Total mintage just 300!

2017 Tuvalu Dragon Chasing Flaming Pearl of Wisdom $2 2 Troy Ounce Pure Silver High Relief Piedfort with Antique FinishThat's right, mintage limits of just 250, 300 and 1,000! Please note that the Kookaburra Silver Kilo mintage has been slashed by 40% from last year. And our below-issue pricing (significantly below issue pricing) makes a good thing even better.

Everyone loves the perfect-sized Two Ounce Silver! The Perth Mint's 2 oz silver coins, minted in rimless,
medallic high relief with an antique finish, are extremely popular and always sell out. But the dynamic motif of the ever-popular Dragon Chasing the Flaming Pearl of Wisdom puts this one over the top (as if the tiny mintage of only 1,000 wasn't enough). Quantity discounts are available, too - for the time being.

Australia 2017 Kookaburra $30 1 Kilo Kilogram Silver ProofAnd as for the Henry Lawson Color Silver Proof, where else can you find a five troy ounce silver coin with a mintage of just 250? It's worth noting that the 2014 Banjo Paterson 5 Oz Silver Proof (also Australian $8 legal tender) now trades for over $3,000 - when it can even be found!

Availability Note - These new releases were just announced by the Mint. We are currently taking, guaranteeing and confirming orders now. We expect to begin shipping as soon as the coins are available. Thank you in advance for your patience!

Dragon & Flaming Pearl $2 2 Oz Silver Medallic with Antique Finish - MINTAGE 1,000

2017 Tuvalu Dragon Chasing Flaming Pearl of Wisdom $2 2 Troy Ounce Pure Silver High Relief Piedfort with Antique FinishDragon & Flaming Pearl 2 Oz Silver with High Relief and Antique Finish

Investment Opportunity!Extremely Desirable! Talisman Coins and the Perth Mint are excited to announce a surprise release, this Two Troy Ounce Antique Finish Piedfort special edition dragon! A dynamic mythical Dragon chases the flaming pearl of wisdom (inscribed with the Chinese character for "dragon") with his mouth open. There are no legends on the obverse, to further enhance the high relief beauty and heighten the drama of the Dragon vignette!

This extraordinarily low mintage two troy ounce pure silver gem (mintage only 1,000) will undoubtedly sell out, and quickly!

Each two troy ounce pure silver coin is an extra-thick piedfort, struck in ultra high relief. These coins are in the medallic style; they are rimless, with plain edges and an antique finish, to make a superb addition to any collection of numismatic art and treasures. Presented in a handsome display case with individually numbered certificate of authenticity, each gem represents the pinnacle of the minter's craft!

The mintage limit is only 1,000 coins - half the typical 2 oz silver mintage - so act fast

Australia 2017 Author Henry Lawson $8 5 Oz Silver Proof - MINTAGE 250

2017 Henry Lawson $8 5 Oz Silver Proof with Color Mintage 250 Author Writer PoetBush Poet Henry Lawson $8 5 Oz Silver Proof

Looking for a great buy-and-hold investment?
Look no further!
    • Total mintage is just 250! Truly rare!
    • Australian legal tender - lucky $8
    denomination, too!
    • Only 250 lucky souls will have the privilege to
    own one!

The Australia 2014 Banjo Paterson 5 Oz Silver Proof (with the same mintage limit of just 250) trades for over $3,000 - when it can even be found!

This 5 troy ounce, pure silver proof coin celebrates the 150th anniversary of Australian writer and poet, Henry Lawson (1867–1922). Born near the gold mining center of Grenfell in New South Wales on 17 June 1867, Lawson is widely considered to be one of the greatest poetry and short-story writers of the colonial period and a portrait of him appearing on today's $10 note. The creative and artistic design depicts a profile portrait of Lawson,
Investment Opportunity!composed of a montage of motifs representing life in the bush as reflected in his writings – including a cattleman, swagman, cattle dog, sheep, windmill, bush hut, water butt, tent and billycans near a stream, as well as a bush fire.

Availability Note - With a total mintage limit of only 250, we believe that this intriguing five-ouncer will sell out at the Mint quickly and be sought after for years to come!

Australia 2017 Laughing Kookaburra Pair $30 Silver Kilogram Proof - MINTAGE 300

Australia 2017 Kookaburra $30 1 Kilo Kilogram Silver ProofAustralia 2017 Laughing Kookaburra Pair One Kilogram Pure Silver Proof

Investment Opportunity!Huge - Weighs 2.2 Pounds!
4 Full Inches Across!

TREMENDOUSLY REDUCED MINTAGE - JUST 300! A pair of Laughing Kookaburras survey the Australian outback from on top of a wooden fence on this huge, proof finish, pure silver kilogram! It's got size, purity and rarity (limit only 300) - this kilo is the perfect storm of numismatic investment!

No small change here! This enormous, majestic coin represents a tremendous investment opportunity, struck in pure silver! The kookaburra is one of the definitive symbols of Australia, the island continent. The Perth Mint and Talisman Coins are proud to bring you this incredible new addition to the renowned Australian Kookaburra Series of coins. At more than 100 mm in diameter, they are a full 4 inches across! Even more important is the mintage - only 300 of these silver kilograms will be struck for the entire world! This rarity is made all the more desirable by the Mint's execution of this intriguing kookaburra motif in pure silver, artistically rendered in full proof finish! The fields are deeply mirrored, with the design accented in frosty white cameo relief, further enhancing an already handsome design (which is even nicer looking than the mint-supplied images suggest). With its extremely limited mintage, we expect Kookaburra collectors to snatch this one up in record time! Get it while you can!

Mintage Note - Truly Rare! Mintage reduced 40% from 2016, from 500 to just 300!

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Tuvalu 2017 Polar Babies #2 - Emperor Penguin Chick 50 Cents Silver Proof

Tuvalu 2017-P Polar Babies #2 - Emperor Penguin Baby Chick 50 Cents Pure Silver Half Dollar Proof with ColorPolar Babies #2 - Emperor Penguin Chick
Get the second in this popular series that celebrates five different offspring from the North and South Poles - Polar Babies! Frolic with this curious and adorably cute baby Emperor Penguin chick, as he rests on a miniature Antarctic ice floe, with a bemused look in his eye, on this affordable, full color, pure silver half dollar!

Cute, cute, CUTE! What could be more adorable than Polar Babies? Join us on this wildlife extravaganza as we sojourn to the frigid lands of the Arctic and Antarctic in search of the cutest little furballs on the planet! These pure silver proofs with full color wildlife imagery capture the fun and tenderness of the animal kingdom - even in the frozen wastes! The very low mintage limit of just 5,000 per baby animal makes each heartwarming scene that much more desirable!

Extremely attractive and affordable - get this cute baby critter today!

Retail Price $69.95 - Special SALE Price Only $44.95 Each!
(Quantity discounts may be available - please see web site listing!)

Previous Polar Babies Silver Proof!

Polar Babies #1 Polar Bear Cub Pure Silver Proof with Color
2017 Polar Babies #1 -
Polar Bear Cub Pure Silver Proof with Color

Retail Price $69.95
Special SALE Price Only $42.95!

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