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This page is an archived copy of our email newsletter, dated August 1, 2016.
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Small August Release is HUUUGE!

2016 Kangaroo Gilded Special Edition $1 SilverYou read the headline right - Australian August new releases may be few in number, but they are HUGE in desirability! It's all meat and no bone this month! The Perth Mint took the metals world by storm with its Kangaroo 1 Oz Silver Dollars, selling 10+ million of them to date! Now, for the first time ever, get the Australia 2016 Gilded Kangaroo! The same immensely popular design, but gold-plated, with an absolutely tiny limit! The total mintage is just 5,000!!! We don't often use the term "investment opportunity" for coins under $100, but future generations will be chasing this kangaroo for years to come. So get it on the ground floor and tuck away this ultra-affordable investment!
2016 Norse Gods #3 - Loki
Everyone has been eagerly awaiting the conclusion to the amazingly popular Norse Gods of Valhalla Series. No tricks from the cunning shape-shifter - the Norse Gods #3 - Loki 2 Ounce Antiqued Silver Proof features the evil one himself, along with the wolf Fenrir and the Midgard Serpent Jormungand on a stunningly engraved high relief medallic proof! Get yours now, as we expect them go fast, just like previous Gods and Goddesses have! We even have quantity discounts (while they last)!

Niue 2017 Year of the Rooster Gilded 5 Oz Silver
Our second highly desirable Australian Outback critter this month comes to us on a high relief planchet! This  year's entry in the Koala High Relief series, the 2016 Koala High Relief Silver Dollar features the friendly, cute koala on a piedfort 1 oz silver proof. Finally, we're super excited about the first of the season Lunar Zodiac Rooster, the Niue Gilded Rooster 5 Oz Silver Proof! With a mintage of just 500, there are at least 500 reasons to buy this beauty! Check our web store for special sale pricing and quantity discounts as well!

Availability Note - These new releases were just announced by the Mint. We are currently taking, guaranteeing and confirming orders now. We expect to begin shipping as soon as the coins are available. Thank you in advance for your patience!

Perth Mint August Releases

Final Norse Gods of Valhalla - Loki the Trickster!
Ultra High Relief Medallic 2 Ounce Silver with
Antique Finish
Mintage Just 2,000!

2016 Norse Gods Loki $2 2 Troy Oz Antiqued Silver Medallic Proof

Get the third and final coin in the Norse Gods series! Loki, the trickster god and shape shifter, accompanied by the wolf Fenrir and the Midgard Serpent Jormungand on this stunning ultra high relief, antique medallic finish, rimless 2 ounce silver proof! With mintage of just 2,000, you will need to act fast - each of the previous Gods has sold out at the Mint!

2016 Norse Gods #3 - Loki - $2 High Relief 2 Oz Medallic Silver Proof
 In intricately engraved, solid wood case!
Just Like the Previous Gods & Goddesses, the Low Mintage Is Sure to Sell Out Quickly!

Click Here For Our Web Store Sale Price!
(Quantity Discounts May Be Available)

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Previous Norse Gods - Odin & Thor
A Handful Available - Including Special Low Serial Numbers!

Norse Gods #1 - OdinNorse Gods #2 - ThorNorse God Thor - COA #1088

Norse Gods #1: Odin Norse Gods #2: Thor
Norse Gods #3: Thor
2 Oz Antiqued Silver Proof
2 Oz Antiqued Silver Proof
Serial CoA #1088
Retail $299.95 - SALE $199.95
Click Here For Sale Price!
Retail $299.95, SALE $188.88

More low and special serial numbers are available - click here!
First-Ever Gilded Kangaroo $1 Silver!
Get In On The Ground Floor!

2016 Kangaroo Gilded Special Edition $1 Silver2016 Kangaroo Gilded in Box

A Mint first - with a very low mintage of just 5,000, too! Grab this stunning gem from Down Under before it sells out! Future generations of numismatists will forever be looking for this first year of issue 'roo, which means we think this 1 troy ounce silver gem has great investment potential - especially for such a low-priced silver dollar!

Australia 2016 Special Edition Gilded Kangaroo
24-Karat Gold Plated 1 Troy Ounce Pure Silver Dollar
Retail Price $99.95 - Our SALE Price Just $62.95 Each!
(Quantity Discounts May Be Available)

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  2016 Koala $1 Ultra High Relief Medallic Silver Proof Piedfort

Australia 2016 Koala High Relief2016 Koala High Relief in Box

Australia 2016 Koala $1 High Relief Silver Proof
Retail Price $109.95 - Our SALE Price Just $69.95 Each!
(Quantity Discounts May Be Available)

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Niue 2017 Year of the Rooster Gilded 5 Oz Silver
High Relief Gold-Plated Proof!

Niue 2017 Year of the Rooster Gilded 5 Oz Silver2017 Gilded Rooster 5 Oz in Box

Niue 2017 Year of the Rooster Chinese Lunar Zodiac
$8 High Relief Gilded 5 Ounce Pure Silver Proof
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(Quantity Discounts May Be Available)

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