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This page is an archived copy of our email newsletter dated August 1, 2017.
As always, prices and availability are subject to change!

Mint Announces Largest Slate of Releases in 2017!

It may be August, but the Royal Canadian Mint certainly isn't on vacation. In fact, the Mint has just announced its largest collection of new release coins and sets so far this year!

In addition to Big Silver, Silver Proof Sets, Even BIGGER Silver, Investment Grade Gold, Silver Maple Leaf Coins, Gold Maple Leaves, and continuations of many popular and continuing series (and conclusions to 3 others), the Mint brings us the the first Year of the Dog coins for 2018 - a month earlier than last year!

Check out the images below, then click through to our web site for more info on each spectacular new release! Heads up, however - both of the investment-grade silver pieces below are already sold out at the Mint.


Investment Grade Silver!
Final Issues in These Two Extremely Popular Programs!
Act fast , as both are already sold out at the Mint!

Pure Silver Multi-Coin Proof Sets!
Everyone Loves Silver Proof Sets - They Make Great Gifts, Too!

Big 2 Oz and 3 Oz Silver Proofs!
Extremely Popular Themes and Sizes!

Investment Grade Gold!
Native American Raven / Autumn Fire Maple / Year of the Dog!

Silver Maple Leafs!
Don't Miss Out - Keep Your Collections Up To Date!

Gold Maple Leaf Proofs!
Gold Maple 4-Coin Fractional Set / Autumn Fire Maple-Shaped Maple

2018 is the Year of the Dog!
Friendly Pups in Silver and Gold!

Locomotives Across Canada!
Popular Series Concludes / Complete 3-Coin Collection

Silver Collections -
Continuations of Popular Series!
Quantity discounts available for some!

Maple Leaf Fractional Sets!
Multi-Coin Maple Sets in Pure Silver and Five 9s Gold

Availability Note - These new releases were just announced by the Mint. We are currently taking and confirming orders now. We expect to begin shipping as soon as the coins are available. Thank you in advance for your patience!

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