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This page is an archived copy of our email newsletter dated June 6, 2017.
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Brighten Up Your Day with this
Vibrant Selection of Gold, Silver and Platinum!

Colorful, interesting and balanced designs are the watchword for June. The Royal Canadian Mint has minted an array of gold, silver and platinum numismatic delicacies for every palate. Two different 2-Coin Proof Sets mark the 30th anniversary of the beloved loonie dollar. The Silver Loonie Proof Set is extremely affordable at under $60 (in a burgundy leatherette display case, at that!), while the Gold Loonie Proof Set (mintage just 350) is already sold out at the Mint!

The latest Maple Leaf Forever Platinum Proof is already sold out at the Mint on pre-release.  It's destined to be sought after for the foreseeable future - just like previous Platinum Maples. Did we mention it's also really colorful, with both rose-gold plating and the Mint's proprietary colorization brightening up the reverse proof design? Our advice? Get it before it goes up in price!

We bring you big silver - two large silver wolf proofs, in 2 ounce and 5 ounce sizes, for starters! Let's also highlight the pair of 10 Troy Ounce Silver Proofs from Canada this month - the final installment of the Confederation Medals series (Miss Canada is sooo beautiful...*swoon*), and the latest in the Majestic Canadian Animals Wildlife Sculptures, the Bighorn Sheep!

And there is just so much more...check out the pics below, then click through to our web site for more info on each spectacular coin! A word to the wise - all of the investment-grade pieces below are already sold out at the Mint - and soon will be here, too.

Investment Grade Platinum & Silver!
Act fast - all 3 are already sold out at the Mint!

Big Silver Wolves - 2 Oz & 5 Oz
Hot Hot HOT!


Loonie 30th Anniversary
2-Coin Silver & Gold Proof Sets!


Locomotives Across Canada!
New Silver 3-Coin Proof Program!


Silver Collections - Continuations of Ongoing Series!



Availability Note - These new releases were just announced by the Mint. We are currently taking and confirming orders now. We expect to begin shipping as soon as the coins are available. Thank you in advance for your patience!

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