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Low Mintage Dinosaur Attack -
Mid-Month Stealth Release from the Perth Mint!

The Perth Mint has announced the first of their May new releases a wee bit early! We're happy to bring you the news early, too, especially as the mintage limit is just 500. T-Rex has never looked so good (or ferocious) as he breaks the fourth wall to get at you, so watch those fingers!

2017 Tuvalu T-Rex Dinosaur Attack Tyrnannosaurus Rex $5 5 Oz Silver Proof ObvT. Rex Dino Attack 5 Troy Oz Silver Proof

Investment Opportunity!Extremely Desirable! Talisman Coins and the Perth Mint (Australia's precious metals experts) are excited to announce a surprise release, this HUGE Five Troy Ounce proof finish dinosaur! This scary bad boy depicts a monstrous Tyrannosaurus rex lunging directly at the viewer. The T. rex turns its head slightly to the right, opening its fearsome mouth wide to reveal an array of deadly teeth. Its right eye focuses squarely on its target - YOU - as he breaks through the border of the coin!

This extraordinarily low mintage five troy ounce pure silver gem (mintage only 500) will sell quickly!

Imagine the thrill of unearthing the teeth of a prehistoric creature - a monstrous, dragon-like beast, the likes of which the world had never before seen! This was the scene near Golden, Colorado in 1874, when the first tyrannosaur teeth, nearly a foot long, were discovered by a prospector named A. Lakes. T. rex would turn out to possess the largest teeth of all the carnivorous dinosaurs.

2017 Tuvalu T-Rex Dinosaur Attack Tyrnannosaurus Rex $5 5 Oz Silver Proof ObvThese teeth are one of the reasons that the famous species Tyrannosaurus rex (commonly abbreviated to T. rex; tyrannosaurus means "tyrant lizard" and rex means "king" in Latin) has become a fixture in popular culture around the world.

Tyrannosaurus rex was not a small beast. The mighty tyrant lizard could measure over 42 feet (13 meters) from head to tail, and might have weighed well over 7 tons. It had a gaping three foot (one meter) bite with the aforementioned huge teeth that could rip off hundreds of pounds of flesh at a time.

Each five troy ounce pure silver coin is struck in full proof finish, with frosted cameo relief and dark mirrored fields, to make a superb addition to any collection of numismatic art and treasures. Presented in a handsome display case with individually numbered certificate of authenticity and full color outer box, each represents the pinnacle of the minter's craft!

The mintage limit is only 500 coins, so act fast

Retail Price $499.95 - Special SALE Price Only $299.95 Each!
(Quantity discounts may be available - please see our web site!)

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