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Terms Of Use and Agreement
By accessing, viewing and/or using this web site or any page thereof, you agree to all the terms of sale and usage on this page and on the Shipping Information page. Talisman Coins is not responsible for any typographical or pricing errors.

Pricing & Availability
Prices and availability are subject to change. (This is the nature of the numismatic market.) International metals prices, exchange rates, availability, marketplace perception, supply, demand and numerous other variables can and do change, sometimes rapidly and sometimes by significant degrees. Talisman Coins reserves the right to adjust prices without further notice. All items are subject to availability and prior sale. The presence of an item on the Talisman World Coins & Medals web site does not guarantee its availability. We sell through a number of different channels, and prior sales may have occurred that affect our stock on hand. Sell-outs can and do occur, sometimes very swiftly.

New Releases
Most world mints (including the United States Mint) typically announce coins in advance of (sometimes well in advance of) the actual release date. In addition, there are unpredictable delays associated with international shipment. Consequently, there may be a delay between the announcement of a new item and its release, which will result in a delay in the shipping of your order. We are not able to ship all orders, especially for newly announced/released items, immediately. Please consider this when formulating your order; you may want to segregate new releases onto a separate order. For our part, we are very good at turning around orders once items have reached us from around the world. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Every year, many issues sell out quickly - some on pre-release. Our allocations may not be sufficient to meet expected or actual demand. Talisman Coins reserves the right to place limits, limit and/or allocate quantities, amend and/or cancel orders without prior notice, at its sole discretion. We also reserve the right to give priority to previous customers and allocate items for fairer distribution.

All prices are in United States dollars, and only U.S. dollars are accepted for payment.

Check / Cashier's Check / Official Check / Bank Draft / Money Order
Orders paid by check will be held until the check clears all banks, typically 2-3 weeks. For faster shipment, please pay by bank card or good funds (cash, wire transfer, cashier's check, bank draft, money order, etc.) if you do not want to wait for check clearance. A clearance time of 5 to 10 business days for cashier's checks, official checks, bank drafts and money orders is typical.

Wire Transfer
Talisman Coins accepts wire transfers in U.S. dollars only. For orders under $2000, we assess a small wire transfer acceptance surcharge. Wire transfers (including, but not limited to, international wire transfers) do not arrive instantaneously; they typically take 3-5 business days for arrival, posting and clearance.

Talisman Coins, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to require payment by good funds (cash, wire transfer, cashier's check, bank draft, money order, etc., at our sole discretion) for any order. Likewise, for safety and security of delivery, Talisman Coins, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to require a higher level of shipping service and/or insurance for any order.

Any credit, debit or bank card payment that is declined represents nonpayment. Likewise, any check, draft or money order that is returned by the bank for any reason represents nonpayment, as does failure to send in payment by check or money order. Such nonpayment results in an unpaid order. Talisman Coins, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel any unpaid order. We will hold unpaid orders for at most five (5) days, pending receipt of good payment, if we have not canceled them. All returned checks, drafts and money orders will incur a returned check fee of not less than fifty (50) U.S. dollars per occurrence.

Information about shipping may be found here:  Shipping Information
Secure Delivery
By making a purchase from Talisman Coins, whether by means of this web site or by any other means, you agree that you understand the valuable nature of precious metals and numismatic items and have a secure delivery location. It is not the responsibility of Talisman Coins to verify or otherwise ensure that its customers possess a secure delivery location. You agree that once the postal service, courier, customs office or other third party delivery or handling agency certifies or otherwise claims that an item is delivered, it is for all intents and purposes delivered and is no longer covered by any insurance.
Customs, Taxes and Import Duties
Taxes, customs and/or import duties are assessed by many countries on imported goods. Orders sent to addresses outside the United States may be subject to inspection and/or assessment of taxes and/or duties. Please note that these fees are neither assessed by nor charged by Talisman Coins. We have absolutely no control over taxes, customs and/or import duties, payment of which is entirely the responsibility of the purchaser. It is illegal for Talisman Coins to mis-declare contents or under-declare values on an international customs declaration. If you are uncertain whether your country assesses taxes, customs and/or import duties, or you would like an estimate of the same, please contact your country's taxing agencies.

Return Policy
Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Talisman World Coins & Medals offers a ten-day, no-questions-asked return policy. Returns and deposit cancellations are accepted within ten days for any reason. To initiate a return or deposit cancellation you must contact us within ten days of receipt in writing of your desire to make a return, and be issued a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Absolutely no returns will be accepted or processed without a RMA number. Absolutely no unauthorized returns will be accepted or processed under any circumstances. In making your return, you must include your paid invoice with RMA number written on it within ten days of receipt for a full refund (less any processing and/or shipping, handling and insurance charges).

All returned items must be in original, resalable condition with complete mint packaging, if applicable. No returns will be accepted on items removed from holders or capsules, or items missing original packaging or not in original condition. No refunds are offered on shipping, handling or insurance. Returns of bullion or bullion-related items are made solely at our discretion and will incur a restocking fee. Please allow 2-4 weeks for refund. All sales and deposits are final after ten days.

In order to constitute a "return", Talisman Coins must actually receive the item(s) for which you seek a refund! For your own protection, it is necessary that you ship via registered or insured mail, with valid proof of mailing and delivery confirmation. Absolutely no returns will be accepted unless thusly reposted. Orders or items "refused" will not be accepted for return, as postally refused mail frequently gets lost and does not constitute a secure form of mailing. Talisman Coins accepts no liability whatsoever for returned items that are improperly or insecurely packed, returned via "refusal", or that are uninsured or under-insured. It is the responsibility of the buyer (and not Talisman Coins!) to ensure that Talisman Coins actually receives the returned items in excellent and resalable condition). Frivolous, damaged, or other problematic returns (if permitted at all) will be assessed a minimum of a 35% restocking fee, per our sole discretion.

A Note on Serial Numbers
Some coins are accompanied by certificates, and some certificates are individually numbered. Talisman Coins regrets that we are unable to respond to inquiries about serial numbers. This includes (but is not limited to) requests: regarding availability of specific serial numbers; for lowest possible serial number(s); for serial numbers containing one or more specific digits; for sequential serial numbers; and for cherry-picking or hand selection. Please understand that the serial numbers we receive are the ones we receive; that is, we only receive the ones we are sent. We have no control over what numbers we are sent, and exercise no specific selection over what we send out ourselves. We do not treat orders that presume to be conditional upon the availability of any serial number(s) any differently, and any such conditional requests are disregarded.

A Note on Silver Maple Leaf Coins
Since their first release in 1988, the silver maple leaf and other one ounce and half ounce silver coins issued by Canada often display lighter or white areas or spots (colloquially called "milk spots", since they look like evaporated milk). In response to inquiries, the Mint has indicated that 1) Milk spots are part and parcel of the planchet preparation and minting process, and 2) These coins are issued as a fixed weight (quantity) of silver (weight and fineness, but not finish, guaranteed by the Mint and government of Canada). Reliable sources report (and our own experiences bear out) that milk spots can develop months or even years after minting. Please understand that milk spots can and do occur on Canadian silver coins (including silver maple leafs), and the Mint does not accept return of them. Likewise, we can not accept returns of these coins, nor can or do we have the time or ability to sort through boxes and tubes of them.

A Note on Order Acceptance
All orders are reviewed by Talisman Coins upon submission and are subject to acceptance by Talisman Coins. Orders deemed frivolous, illegitimate and/or fraudulent will be canceled with no prior notice. Orders which violate given limits, terms or policies may be canceled with no prior notice. Submission of an order does not guarantee acceptance by Talisman Coins.

A Note on Combining Orders
Talisman Coins may, at its sole discretion, combine multiple orders into a single shipment. If you wish us to combine orders, or wish us not to combine orders, please notify us. Please indicate this in the "Instructions to Talisman" field when checking out in our web store. It is not always possible to combine orders, and we make no warranty as to our ability to do this, nor do we accept orders that that presume to be conditional upon combining orders. Orders employing different payment methods can under no circumstances be combined. Only orders that employ the exact same payment method (e.g.,, the exact same credit card number, etc.) can possibly be combined.

Copyright Notice
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