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Canada 2012 Farewell to the Penny - Elimination of the One Cent Denomination Coin 1¢ Mint Wrap Roll of 50

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Product Description

The ABSOLUTE FINAL PENNIES - in a special mint-wrapped roll, certified with serialized, holographic label! Canada eliminates the one cent coin from circulation as we bid a fond farewell to this much-collected denomination!

Sold out at the Mint! It's like losing a friend, someone who's been there all your life - the penny is no more. Canada has made the momentous decision to eliminate the one cent denomination, and we are sad. One of the three most collected of Canadian coins (along with the dollar and silver maple leaf), the penny has been a cornerstone of Canadian (and North American) commerce since the earliest colonial times. Now, the bureaucrats and bean counters in their offices say it costs too much to manufacture - more to fabricate, in fact, that its face value. And so, the penny must go. But not before one final flourish. The Royal Canadian Mint celebrates the much-loved penny's exit from the financial stage with a spate of releases at once exotic, bizarre and intriguing. To wit:

2012 Final Penny Obverse & Reverse     Mint Wrap Roll of 50 1¢ Pennies - With Serialized Holographic Label!
    "Maple Leaves Fallen To A Watery Grave" 1/4 Ounce Pure Silver $20
    Rose-Gold Plated 1/2 Ounce Pure Silver 1¢ Penny Proof
    1/25 Ounce Pure Gold 1¢ Penny Proof
    Complete 5-Coin Collection - Pure Silver 1¢ Penny Proof Set
    Five Ounce Pure Silver Penny Reverse Proof

And so we bid a fond farewell to the penny with what (we believe) future numismatists will view as numismatic delicacies of the first rank! Each bears the maple leaves that are the hallmark of the penny (as well as the national symbol of Canada), marking the final time they will ever grace one cent coins. But oh, what coins these are!

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Canada 2012 Final Pennies Mint Wrap Roll of 50Investment Note - We can not stress strongly enough what the milestone discontinuation of the penny means! Canada has eliminated this denomination permanently - after 2012, there will be no more one cent coins, ever! We believe that this landmark roll will become a numismatic delicacy, greedily pursued by future generations! The mintage limit is low, so stock up now!

The Last Circulation Pennies Ever - Certified!
The last million pennies ever distributed by the Royal Canadian Mint are being offered in these special commemorative wrap rolls of 50 pennies. Each of the 50 pennies in this roll features G.E. Kruger-Gray’s iconic 1937 reverse design, which was used as the Canadian 1-cent piece reverse image from 1937 to 2012, with the sole exception of 1967. Fifty mint-fresh one cent pieces are rolled together in this special, full color, mint wrapper. Furthermore, each roll is certified and authenticated by the Mint with a serialized holographic label.

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The Penny - A Brief History
Orange autumn maple leaves float away in water, just as the passage of time has doomed the Canadian Maple Leaf Penny One Cent Coin. The maple leaf gracing the one cent coin is emblematic of everything Canadian. The design featuring two maple leaves on a sprig was created by Canadian artist G.E. Kruger-Gray and first used in 1937. The maple tree has been a major contributor to the development of the forestry industry as well as a source of delicious syrup! In addition the maple leaf is the central feature of the national flag of Canada. The first one cent coin was struck by the Countess of Grey at the official opening of the Ottawa branch of the Royal Mint on January 2, 1908. Originally composed of copper, 2012's one cent circulation coin is made of copper-plated steel.

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The Death of the Penny
Today’s rising costs of labor, metals, manufacturing, and distribution mean that each penny costs more than 1.6 cents to produce. The Royal Canadian Mint’s patented and cost-effective multi-ply plated steel technology allows it to keep production costs for all other Canadian circulation coins well under their face value; not so, however, for the one-cent piece.

In its Economic Action Plan 2012, the Government of Canada announced its decision to modernize Canada’s currency set by eliminating the penny from Canada’s coinage system. While the penny will remain legal tender (it is not being demonetized, merely discontinued), the Royal Canadian Mint will no longer distribute pennies as of Fall 2012. Canadians can still spend pennies, redeem them at financial institutions, donate them to charities, or recycle them.

Though the humble penny will one day soon disappear from piggy banks and cash registers everywhere, its unique role in the history of Canadian coinage remains timeless. And the penny itself, though perhaps no longer present in our pockets, will always hold a special place in our hearts.

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The national symbol of Canada, the maple leaf. The one cent design, two maple leaves on a sprig, was first used on the Canadian penny in 1937. The date of issue and denomination also appear.

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of England, in profile facing right. This portrait, the fourth effigy of the queen to appear on Canadian Coinage, was executed by the artist Susanna Blunt. The legend reads ELIZABETH II D. G. REGINA ("Elizabeth II, Queen by the Grace of God").

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The last million pennies ever distributed by the Royal Canadian Mint are being offered in these special commemorative wrap rolls of 50 pennies. Fifty mint-fresh one cent pieces are wrapped together in a special, full color, mint wrapper. Each roll is certified and authenticated by the Mint with a serialized holographic label.

Country Canada
Year of Issue 2012
Face Value 50 Cents (50 x 1 Cent)
Weight 112.50 g (50 x 2.25 g)
Diameter 19.05 mm
Mintage Limit      20,000 Rolls
Finish Brilliant Uncirculated
Composition Copper-Plated Steel
Edge Plain
Certification Individually Numbered
Artist G.E. Kruger-Gray

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