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Canada 2014 $20 Commemorative #12 - Canadian Goose Pure Silver Specimen Finish

Price: $59.95 $26.95
(You save $33.00)

Product Description

Exciting and extremely affordable - a true bargain, struck in the purest silver in the world! Experience the call of the wild with that icon of American wildlife, a flying Canada Goose, with a mintage limit and high face value - what's not to love?!

Sold out at the Mint!We have managed to acquire a limited quantity of this unique (and perhaps even revolutionary!) goose pure silver coin! This affordable silver gem features a flying Canada Goose – arguably the best known goose species in North America. Its black head and neck with white "chinstrap" distinguish it from most other goose species, and its distinctive honking call is a true sign of spring and autumn for those living under their migratory flight path. Along with the beaver, the maple leaf, and the Mountie, the Canada goose is considered one of the national icons of Canada! Even better, it has been carefully designed by Canadian wildlife artist Trevor Tennant, and engraved with attention to minute detail. Each wing feather is carefully detailed and shaded using multiple finishes and the artistic skills of some of the world’s foremost engravers. So it's understandable why we're so pleased to be able to bring you this amazingly beautiful, amazingly affordable pure silver Canada Goose coin, with a high face value!

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Canada Goose flying above the snowy terrain.Canada $20 Silver Commemorative Program
Far and away the most popular series in recent memory, the highly collectible Canadian $20 Silver Commemorative Program offers coin collectors of all means the opportunity to acquire significant, striking designs, all minted in the purest silver on the planet! All have sold out at the Mint quickly - don't delay - get yours today! The coins in this program include:

    1)  2011 Maple Leaf $20 Silver Commemorative
    2)  2011 Native American Canoeist $20 Silver Commemorative
    3)  2012 Polar Bear Swimming $20 Silver Commemorative
    4)  2012 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee
    5)  2012 Farewell to the Penny $20 Silver Commemorative
    6)  2012 Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
    7)  2013 Year of the Snake $20 Silver Commemorative
    8)  2013 Hockey Player $20 Silver Commemorative
    9)  2013 Wolf $20 Silver Commemorative
  10)  2013 Iceberg & Humpback Whales $20 Silver Commemorative
  11)  2013 Santa Claus $20 Silver Commemorative
  12)  2014 Canadian Goose $20 Silver Commemorative
  13)  2014 Bobcat $20 Silver Commemorative
  14)  2014 Summertime Fun $20 Silver Commemorative

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What's all the fuss about, er, I mean, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways...

A Canada Goose adult on a brilliant green lawn.• The Mint has imposed a limit of 3 per collector (go ahead, ask yourself why)! But we have no limit at the present.
• High face value.
• Limited mintage - only 1 in 135 Canadians can ever own one! (And what does that leave for the rest of the world?!?!)
• Significant precious metal content.
• Minted in the purest silver available in the world - only the Royal Canadian Mint strikes four 9s fine silver coins!
• Every previous $20 Silver Commemorative release has sold out in mere days!
• Handsome specimen finish - unique to the RCM!
• Simple yet evocative artistry, an original work of art designed and engraved by practicing wildlife artist Trevor Tennant!
• Dynamic  design - the majestic Canada Goose in full flight!
Finally, this is far and away the least expensive pure silver wildlife coin you can purchase - anywhere in the world!

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A flock of Canada Geese (more than one Canada Goose) migrating in their famous V formation, backed by an orange sky.No-Exposure Proposal
Precious silver, a limited mintage, and a $20 denomination - here's a no-risk proposition if there ever was one! With economists becoming more and more anxious about the rising debt levels of Western nations, the timing couldn't be better. (Think about the incredibly huge federal budget deficit, all the states' financial problems, and the recent defaults in Europe.) The worry of fiat (paper) money ending up worthless also contributes to the ongoing rise in popularity of precious metals. Well, here's some relief - a precious metals coin with a high face value, too!

Consider just this one simple fact - we're selling this unique $20 Silver Commemorative coin at a price that's about its on-the-table, in-your-hand value - the $20 denomination plus the $5.00 spot value of the silver (at current (as of this writing) $20+ per ounce silver) is essentially its price - and the quantity discounts make this an even better buy!

It Simply Adds Up
Do the math:   High Face Value + Significant Precious Metal Content + Wildlife Theme + Mintage Limit = No-Risk Winner

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Technology Note
The Royal Canadian Mint refines the purest silver in the world. This one-quarter ounce silver coin is 99.99% pure!

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The Specimen Finish
Canada 2014 $20 Goose Commemorative in full color package This coin features the uniquely-Canadian "specimen" finish, a three-fold combination of different finishes. The design (raised area or relief) includes both brilliant and mirrored surfaces, while the fields (background) are subtly striated, resulting in a contrasting, matte appearance. No other mint in the world employs the specimen finish.

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 Designed by noted Canadian wildlife artist Trevor Tennant, the dynamic scene depicts a large adult Canada Goose in full flight! The legend FINE SILVER 9999 guarantees the purity. The date and denomination are also indicated.

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Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, in profile facing right. This portrait, the fourth effigy of the queen to appear on Canadian coinage, was executed by the artist Susanna Blunt. The legend ELIZABETH II D. G. REGINA (“Elizabeth II, Queen by the Grace of God”) also appears.

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The coin comes encapsulated inside vinyl pouch, inside a full color folding booklet. A certificate of authenticity is integrated.

SpecificationsA Canada Goose soaring through the wild blue yonder!
Country Canada
Year of Issue   2014
Face Value 20 Dollars
Weight 7.96 g
Diameter 27 mm
Mintage Limit 225,000
Finish Specimen
Composition .9999 Fine (Pure) Silver
Edge Reeded (milled, serrated)
Artist Trevor Tennant
Certificate Included


The Canada Goose
The Great Lakes region maintains a very large population of Canada Geese. With nests typically located in elevated areas near streams, lakes and ponds, these birds are known to mate for life. These pairs bond and safeguard their young for several months after hatching. Males are generally larger than females, ranging from 30 to 43 inches (76 to 110 cm) long, with a wingspan reaching 50 to 67 inches (127 to 170 cm). The Canada Goose is a distinctive sight throughout the skies of North America, in its distinctive V-formation flight, high above the our heads.

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Jack Miner & the Canada Goose
Jack Miner was one of the world's most influential conservationists who founded a bird sanctuary in 1904 to study migrating Canada geese and wild ducks. Known to his friends as "Wild Goose Jack", Jack Miner was a true pioneer in the conservation of wildfowl, and has been called the "father of North American conservationism".

Through his work, Miner established many of the conservation practices and measures that are still in use today. In 1943 he was presented with the Order of the British Empire (OBE) by King George VI in 1943 "for the greatest achievement in conservation in the British Empire." During his lifetime, he banded over 50,000 wild ducks and 40,000 Canada geese. When he died in 1944, several American newspapers in the rated him as the fifth best known man on the continent, after Henry Ford, Thomas Alva Edison, Charles Lindbergh and Eddie Rickenbacker!

The Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary was one of the first of its kind in North America, and remains in existence today. It is located near Kingsville in Essex County, Ontario, resting on a peninsula between Lake Erie to the south and Lake Saint Clair to the north. It is ten miles away from the well-known birding destination Point Pelee National Park, which Miner helped to get designated as a national park in 1918, where the "Atlantic" and "Mississippi" migratory flyways converge.

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