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Canada 2014 Native American Matriarch Moon Mask $200 .99999 (five 9s) Fine Pure Gold Ultra High Relief Medallic Proof GX - MINTAGE 500

Price: $2,999.95 $2,499.95
(You save $500.00)

Product Description

Five 9s pure gold rarity! Celebrate the wisdom, ceremony and art of the Native American people with this low mintage, ULTRA HIGH RELIEF, medallic .99999 pure gold proof!

Investment Opportunity!Historically, Native American ceremonial masks were mainly used for ceremonial purposes. The tribes felt as though these masks could bring the energy and spirits of animals, mythical heroes and spiritual beings into their midst. The Royal Canadian Mint has recreated the “Grandmother Moon Mask” in ultra high, medallic relief to translate this beautiful hand carved mask into a ultra low mintage (only 500!), pure silver proof! Yes, in addition to everything else that makes it unique, this coin is minted in the RCM's proprietary .99999 fine (5 9s) gold! The beauty of this ultra high relief, medallic-style pure gold proof must truly be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

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Grandmother_Moon_Mask_Red_Cedar_Carving_by_Native_American_Artist_Richard_Cochrane quarter turn profile side viewAn Original Work of Art
This high relief design is a faithful reproduction of the original work of art that Haida Native American sculptor Carol Young chiseled and carved. To her and many other Native Americans, the moon is indeed a sacred symbol for thousands of years that appears in countless Indian traditions. In the same way that they cherish Mother Earth, they treasure Grandmother Moon as a kind and nurturing soul who always brings clarity to the darkness.

Native American traditions honor Grandmother Moon with legends and in art. They also recognize that all women possess the same insights and sensitivities as Grandmother Moon, and their tender, loving ways a true strength of the tribe.

This pure silver coin is an exquisite reproduction of an original wood carving that honors the special role Native American women play in their communities. Women are sages and leaders: guardians of their community's history, its lineage and names, stories and songs. The depth of their wisdom and the sense of mystery that shines from their eyes are as captivating on this coin as they are in the original carved work of art by Haida artist Carol Young. Every detail has been faithfully captured - down to the actual graining of the wood itself!

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Ancient Symbol of Sacred Protection
Grandmother_Moon_Mask_Red_Cedar_Carving_by_Native_American_Artist_Richard_Cochrane full on front viewA full moon inspires awe and wonder in all those who gaze at it. Long before recorded history, cultures around the world were charting the moon’s path across the night sky. Its perpetual waxing and waning, vanishing and reappearing, marked the passage of time - not clock time, but the cycles of life; the ebb and flow of the sea; the birth, maturation and migration of animals; the sprouting of new plants and the scattering of seeds.

Unlike the sun, Grandmother Moon does not blaze her power upon the earth. It is subtle, more receptive and reflective. The moon brightens the darkness and is therefore a powerful guide or protector. As the force that rules the tides, it is strongly linked to water. The moon is a sacred symbol that appears in countless Native American. These ancient cultures often carved masks to express the intimate relationship between the invisible forces and spirits above, as well as the people, animals, plants, rocks and earth below.

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Investment Note
Here's a coin with a lot of investment potential, to say nothing of cachet!
     1)  It contains well over one full troy ounce of gold, and...
     4)  That gold is five 9s fine gold (that's 99.999% pure) - the purest gold to be found on the planet!
     3)  The Native American theme is extremely popular with collectors!
     4)  It's only the 3rd ultra high relief gold proof coin struck in 5 9s pure gold ever, anywhere!
Couple these points with the insanely low mintage of only 500 and the unusual ultra high relief, medallic-style nature, and this looks like a sure winner!

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This photo shows the ultra high relief nature of the 2008 $15 Silver Proof featuring Victoria from CanadaTechnical Note
The Royal Canadian Mint is applying its expertise in the design, engraving and striking of medals and medallic art to this coin, which features a Native American ceremonial mask struck in ultra high medallic relief. Each planchet or blank is individually hand-polished before it is quadruple-struck. The edge of the coin is plain, not reeded, unlike most Canadian commemorative and collector coins, in keeping with its medallic nature. Slight differences in the frosted cameo relief and proof-like fields are normal for this high-relief striking process, just as they are with high relief medals.

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Purity Note
 The marvelous refining technology of the Royal Canadian Mint has brought us the world’s purest gold coins, in a purity (99.999%) that puts other large gold coins to shame! In addition, this is the first ultra high medallic relief five 9s gold coin ever minted! This is the purest gold coin ever minted!

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Canada 2014 Moon Mask Matriarch Gold Proof in boxA precise reproduction of Native American Haida artist Carol Young's Matriarch Moon Mask, an unique work of art, painstakingly rendered in exquisite detail and ultra high, medallic relief through traditional engraving techniques. The date and denomination are also indicated.

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Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, in profile facing right. This portrait, the fourth effigy of the queen to appear on Canadian Coinage, was executed by the artist Susanna Blunt. The legend ELIZABETH II D. G. REGINA ("Elizabeth II, Queen by the Grace of God") also appears.

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The coin is encapsulated inside a burgundy leatherette, clamshell-style presentation case, lined with black velvet and protected by a black outer sleeve. An individually-numbered certificate of authenticity is included.

Country Canada
Year of Issue 2014
Face Value 200 Dollars
Weight 33.17 g
Diameter 30 mm
Mintage Limit    500
Finish Proof with Ultra High Relief
Composition .9999 Fine (Pure) Silver
Edge Interrupted Serrations
Artist Carol Young
Certificate Individually Numbered

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