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Canada 2014 Fierce Canadian Lynx $25 Portrait Ultra High Relief Medallic Pure Silver Proof

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Product Description

Get this masterwork of wildlife fine art (created by wildlife artist Pierre Leduc), and ultra high medallic relief portrait of the fierce Canadian Lynx,intricately rendered in pure silver on this meticulously engraved, low mintage proof beauty!

Sold out at the Mint!Native to the boreal forests that stretch from Yukon to Newfoundland and south into the northern tier of states in the United States, the Canadian lynx (Lynx canadensis) is one of the most common wild cats in Canada. Yet, encounters with this stealthy, agile predator remain rare; this fine silver coin captures the beauty of Canada’s elusive feline in a forceful show of strength. Extremely low mintage! The ultra high medallic relief looks even better in person than in the images!

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A solitary Canadian Lynx displays its short tail, large, padded feed, cheek ruffs and tufted ears.The Fierce Canadian Lynx
The Fierce Canadian Lynx program includes two different precious metals proofs, including one pure silver and one .99999 fine (5 9s) gold proof, both of which are struck in medallic-styleultra high relief:

    1)  Fierce Canadian Lynx $25 Pure Silver UHR Proof
            Mintage only 6,000
    2)  Fierce Canadian Lynx $200 99.999% Gold UHR Proof
            Mintage only 500

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A Masterpiece of Wildlife Fine Art
The image by Canadian artist Pierre Leduc offers a close-up portrait of the elusive hunter, the Canadian lynx (Lynx canadensis). The lynx’s long, shaggy winter coat is rendered in exceptional detail, from the black tips of its beard-like fur to the fine whiskers that stretch out on either side of the face. Despite its elusive nature, this predator’s fierce gaze holds steady as it vocalizes its displeasure, holding its jaw open in mid-roar to reveal sharp teeth. The ears, with whisker-like tufts rising up from the tips, stand pointed as though they first detected the intrusion that drew the lynx’s attention in the direction of the viewer.

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The Lynx - "Grey Ghost" of the North!
A pair of super cute baby Canadian lynx kittens or cubs!The shy and reclusive Canada Lynx (Lynx canadensis) is often called the “gray ghost of the North.” The Lynx is sometimes confused with the bobcat, but when one knows the differences, distinguishing between the two is easy. With its long, thick fur, prominent cheek ruffs, a short, black-tipped tail and oversize paws, it is perfectly adapted for winter. And its distinctive ear tufts amplify sound to make it a formidable hunter. It is also larger than a bobcat, and over twice the size of a large domestic cat.

The Canadian lynx is a solitary and secretive crepuscular animal, mostly active in the early morning and at dusk. Lynx tend to sleep during the day and are moderately active at night. Although solitary, at times small groups may be observed traveling together. The lynx roam about one and a half to three miles each day, and thus require a large territory. When food becomes scarce, the lynx territory will increase; most of the population will roam far, with a select few staying behind in their original territory. The cat tends to stay within 100 yards of the tree line, but does not shy away from swimming. One account records a lynx swimming two miles across the extremely cold Yukon River.

The lynx can be found in Canada’s boreal forests from Newfoundland to the Yukon Territories, as well as in the northern tier of the United States. It hunts squirrels, grouse and deer, but its preference by far is the snowshoe hare. In fact, the populations of these two animals are inextricably linked. As long as 200 years ago, the Hudson Bay Company began noting how a rise in lynx led to a drop in hares, and how fewer hare led to fewer lynx. Back then, the lynx population would peak at 70 times its low. Today, development, forestry and hunting have brought peak lynx numbers down to six times the low.

Efforts to revive the Canadian lynx population are ongoing.

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This photo shows the ultra high relief nature of the 2008 $15 Silver Proof featuring Victoria from CanadaTechnical Note
The Royal Canadian Mint is applying its expertise in the design, engraving and striking of medals and medallic art to this coin, which features a royal portrait struck in ultra high medallic relief. Each planchet or blank is individually hand-polished before it is quadruple-struck. This exceptional technique is normally reserved for large medals and medallions, but has been applied to this coin to create an effigy that literally rises from the coin’s surface, like a sculpture. The edge of the coin is plain, not reeded, unlike most Canadian commemorative and collector coins, in keeping with its medallic nature. Slight differences in the frosted cameo relief and proof-like fields are normal for this high-relief striking process, just as they are with high relief medals.

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Purity Note
The Royal Canadian Mint refines the purest silver in the world. This silver coin is 99.99% pure!

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Lynx Ultra High Relief $25 in BoxObverse
A close-up portrait of the elusive hunter, the Canadian lynx (Lynx canadensis). The date and denomination are both indicated.

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A cameo proof portrait of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, in profile facing right. This portrait, the fourth effigy of the queen to appear on Canadian coinage, was executed by the artist Susanna Blunt. The legend ELIZABETH II D. G. REGINA ("Elizabeth II, Queen by the Grace of God") also appears.

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The coin is encapsulated inside a burgundy leatherette, clamshell-style presentation case, lined with black velvet and protected by a black outer box. An individually-numbered certificate of authenticity is included.

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SpecificationsA family of Canadian lynx treks across the frigid, snowy winterscape.
Country Canada
Year of Issue 2014
Face Value 25 Dollars
Weight 30.76 g
Diameter 36.15 mm
Mintage Limit    6,000
Finish Proof
Composition .9999 Fine (Pure) Silver
Edge Plain
Artist Pierre Leduc
Certificate Individually Numbered

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