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Canada 2017 Iconic Canadian Animals #5 - Majestic Bull Elk $350 .99999 (Five 9s) Pure Gold Proof GX WX - MINTAGE 400

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Product Description

Get this fifth in this extremely desirable wildlife gold series! With a total mintage of just 400, the Majestic Bull Elk offers beauty and potential to appreciate! The world’s purest (99.999%) gold coin celebrates the spirit of the North American wilderness, and represents the perfect storm of precious metal investments!

Mintage of just 400. Already sold out at the Mint on pre-release - don't miss out!

Sold out at the Mint!The bugle of a male elk or wapiti is an unforgettable call of the wild that, once heard, leaves little doubt of its strength and authority in the North American wilderness. This magnificent creature is highly vocal at all times, but all the more so during the fall rutting season, when the bull’s bellowing cry reverberates across the landscape - as well as on the reverse of this exquisite 99.999% pure gold coin!

Get this fifth in this highly popular series
- Iconic Canadian Animals! Tremendous investment potential here, as well as the meticulous, traditional engraving for which the Royal Canadian Mint is known world-wide! Commemorate the iconic Bold Black Bear with this truly rare, extremely low mintage, pure gold proof, minted on a full one-and-one-eighth troy ounce planchet of 99.999% pure gold (the purest on the planet)! A true investment piece for the discriminating wildlife lover, savvy investor and/or numismatic aficionado!

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Investment Opportunity!Mintage Note - With a total mintage of just 400, the Majestic Bull Elk $350 Gold Proof is truly rare! This substantial coin contains 1-1/8 troy ounces of pure gold. And it sold out at the Mint on pre-release!

Investment Note - The purest gold on Earth (and a significant amount of it, at that!) struck .99999 fine (that's 5 nines)! And an absolutely tiny mintage - only four hundred! Do not delay - this 99.999% pure proof has already sold out at the Mint before release!

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A large, adult male or bull Rocky Mountain elk.A Highly Detailed, Original Work of Art by Wildlife Artist Maurade Baynton!
The image by Canadian wildlife artist Pierre Leduc Maurade Baynton transports the viewer to a breathtaking landscape set in western Canada. Under the golden rays of the late summer sun, a huge bull elk pauses mid-step while journeying across the open grassland near the edge of the boreal forest. The majesty of this iconic specimen is on full view, its features engraved in outstanding detail as the elk turns its gaze up at the sky, possibly alerted by the calls of the herd or the sound of birds suddenly taking flight. By turning its head, the elk offers a left-side profile that showcases its facial features and allows the viewer to fully appreciate the massive width of its pointed antlers rack, which rises up like the mighty peaks of the Canadian Rockies in the background. The entire design is enhanced by multiple finishes that add an incomparable sense of dimension to the artistry, which conveys respect and admiration for the elk and its role as part of Canada’s rich biodiversity, while showcasing the exceptional level of craftsmanship for which the Royal Canadian Mint is renowned.

Though struck in pure gold, this is a truly realistic depiction, achieved through an astounding attention to detail, which takes a multi-layered approach to recreating some of the elk’s characteristic features. Multiple finishes add a dimensional feel to the artwork and help transform this coin into an exquisite piece of collectible art.

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The Elk, A Hunter's Dream
The elk or wapiti deer (Cervus canadensis) is one of the largest species of deer in the world and one of the largest land mammals in North America. In the deer family (Cervidae), only the larger moose (Alces alces) and the sambar (Rusa unicolor) rival the elk in size.

Elk range in forest and forest-edge habitat, feeding on grasses, plants, leaves, and bark. Although native to North America, they have adapted well to countries where they have been introduced, including Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand. Their great adaptability may threaten endemic species and ecosystems into which they have been introduced.

A super cute baby elk calf or young fawn, showing its spotted, camouflage coat!Male elk have large antlers which are shed each year. Males also engage in ritualized mating behaviors during the rut, including posturing, antler wrestling (sparring), and bugling, a loud series of vocalizations which establishes dominance over other males and attracts females.

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In early summer, elk cows give birth to a single spotted calf that weighs about 35 pounds (16 kg). On a diet of their mother’s rich milk, calves often double their weight during their first two weeks of life. Throughout this period, calves typically hide in dense vegetation while their mothers forage close by. The calves’ white spots are camouflage, meant to help them blend in with forest plants. During the later summer months, cows and calves come together in herds of up to 400. These are organized in a strictly-respected social hierarchy under the watchful eye of a matriarch.

Once fully mature, these formerly tiny elk calves are awesomely large: bulls weigh an average of 700 pounds (315 kg) and cows average about 500 pounds (225 kg). Bulls appear particularly tall because of their imposing antlers and dark shaggy mane.

Many Native American cultures revere the elk as a spiritual force. Elk are hunted as a game species, and are one of the most desired big game trophy animals in North America. As a source of game, their meat is leaner and higher in protein than beef, pork or chicken.

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Investment Note
Known as the “5 9s” gold coins because of their purity (.99999 fine), the coins of the $350 denomination are the largest of the purest gold coins in the world. Each contains one and one-eighth ounces of the purest gold on the planet! These incredible proof coins typically sell out at the mint and then increase in value. They can be very difficult to find once sold out. The mintage limit of only 400 guarantees that this coin will always be truly rare, and that no more than that number of people in the entire world can ever possess one. With such a low mintage this investment piece will grow harder to find as the years go by! Don't miss out - get yours today!

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Gold $350 Iconic Black Bear in boxTechnology Note
The marvelous refining technology of the Royal Canadian Mint has brought us the world’s largest, purest gold coin, in a purity (99.999%) that puts other large gold coins to shame! In addition, several different types of proof finish are used to enhance the beauty of the design. This is the purest gold coin ever minted!

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The image by Canadian wildlife artist Pierre Leduc Maurade Baynton features a striking, highly detailed profile of a majestic bull elk in its natural environment, as it moves across an open area in one of Canada’s many forests. The date is also indicated.

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Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, in profile facing right. This portrait, the fourth effigy of the queen to appear on Canadian Coinage, was executed by the artist Susanna Blunt. The legend ELIZABETH II D. G. REGINA ("Elizabeth II, Queen by the Grace of God") also appears. The legend 99999 FINE GOLD guarantees the weight and purity. The denomination is also indicated.

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The coin is encapsulated inside a maroon, clamshell-style presentation case, lined with black velvet and protected by a black outer sleeve. An individually-numbered certificate of authenticity is included.

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Country Canada
Year of Issue 2017
Face Value 350 Dollars
Weight 35.00 g
Diameter 34.00 mm
Mintage Limit      400
Finish Proof
Composition .99999 Fine (Pure) Gold
Edge Serrated (milled, reeded)
Artist Maurade Baynton
Certificate Individually numbered


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