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Canada 2018 Peaceful Panda Bear - A Gift of Friendship $8 Pure Silver Specimen Finish with Color L06

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Product Description

East meets West in friendship with the cute Panda Bear in full color on this pure silver, specimen finish coin! And it's so affordable, get one for yourself and several more for gifts!

A treasured emblem of Chinese culture, the peaceful panda is a roving animal ambassador whose very nature exudes warmth, harmony, and most of all, friendship. This pure silver coin is a beautiful token of goodwill that captures the essence of an adorable animal friend and a symbol of collaborative conservation efforts.

Full color, pure silver, and extremely affordable - the perfect gift for animals lovers, conservationists, fans of extreme cuteness - and even for yourself!

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A protective giant panda bear mother and her cub in their natural habitat.A Living Teddy Bear
The giant panda is a large, black and white mammal currently classified in the bear family (Ursidae), indigenous to central-western and southwestern China. The panda was previously thought to be a member of the Procyonidae family, which includes raccoons. It is easily recognized by its large, distinctive black patches around the eyes, over the ears, and across its round body. Though it belongs to the order Carnivora, the panda has a diet which is 99% bamboo. Pandas may eat other foods such as honey, eggs, fish, yams, shrub leaves, oranges and bananas when available.

Giant pandas live in a few mountain ranges in central China, in Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Gansu provinces. They once lived in lowland areas, but farming, forest clearing, and other development now restrict pandas to the mountains.

A close up shot of a protective mother giant panda bear and her cub in her arms! The giant panda is an endangered species. According to the latest report, China has 239 giant pandas in captivity, with another 27 pandas residing outside their native country. It also estimated that around 1,590 pandas are currently living in the wild. However, a 2006 study using DNA analysis estimated that there might be as many as 2,000 to 3,000 pandas in the wild. Though reports show that the numbers of wild pandas may be on the rise, the World Conservation Union believes there is not enough certainty to remove pandas from the endangered animal list.

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A National Symbol
While the dragon has historically served as China's national emblem, in recent decades the giant panda has also served as an emblem for the country. The species is a favorite of the public, at least in part because many people find that it has a baby-like cuteness, resembling a living teddy bear. It is usually depicted reclining or peacefully eating bamboo, as opposed to hunting, which adds to its image of preciousness and innocence. Though giant pandas are often assumed to be docile, they are in fact wild animals and have been known to attack humans, presumably out of irritation rather than predatory behavior.

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A close-up portrait of a cute and adorable Giant Panda Bear!The Specimen Finish
This coin features the uniquely-Canadian "specimen" finish, a three-fold combination of different finishes. The design (raised area or relief) includes both brilliant and mirrored surfaces, while the fields (background) are subtly striated, resulting in a contrasting, matte appearance. No other mint in the world employs the specimen finish.

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Technology Note - Color
The Royal Canadian Mint leads the world with its proprietary colorization technology, in which the color is actually sealed on the coin. The intricate detail, smooth gradients, and extreme precision of the technology create a stunning look on each coin.

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Technology Note - Purity

The Royal Canadian Mint refines the purest silver in the world. This one-quarter troy ounce silver coin is 99.99% pure!

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An international symbol of friendship, the giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca). Shown in a seated position as it quietly eats, this seemingly gentle spirit is easily recognized by its black-and-white fur, which is brought to life by selective color that extends to the mix of grasses and wildflowers. To the left of the panda are the Chinese characters for “friendship”. The date and denomination are both indicated.

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Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, in profile facing right. This portrait, the fourth effigy of the queen to appear on Canadian coinage, was executed by the artist Susanna Blunt. The legend ELIZABETH II D. G. REGINA (“Elizabeth II, Queen by the Grace of God”) also appears.

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This pure silver coin is securely enclosed in an unique folder-style packaging that can either be stored for posterity or displayed with pride on a desk, credenza, table or mantle! To share with family and friends, simply pop out the easel on the back and it becomes a collectible piece of art! An official certificate of authenticity is integrated into the packaging.

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SpecificationsA giant panda bear snacks on bamboo, its favorite food
Country Canada
Year of Issue   2018
Face Value 8 Dollars
Weight 7.96 g
Diameter 27 mm
Finish Modified Specimen with Color
Composition .9999 Fine (Pure) Silver
Edge Reeded (milled, serrated)
Artist Royal Canadian Mint
Certificate Included


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