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United States 1801 Jefferson Indian Peace Medal Gold-Tone Medal on Red, White & Blue Ribbon

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This high-relief, gold-tone reproduction of the famed Jefferson Indian Peace Medal is ready to wear on its red, white & blue ribbon!

The Louisiana Purchase
Sold out at the Mint! Thomas Jefferson pulled off the real estate deal of the century - the nineteenth century, that is! In 1803 the United States acquired nearly 530 million acres (about 828,000 mi²) of territory from Napoleon Bonaparte's France at a cost of about 3¢ per acre! The total price of the Louisiana Purchase was only $15 million or 80 million francs. The French territory of Louisiana included far more land than just the current U.S. state of Louisiana - the expanse purchased contained parts or all of 14 states! The area included in the Purchase comprises 22.3% of the territory of the modern United States.

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Lewis_and_Clark.jpgThe Lewis and Clark Expedition / Corps of Discovery
Jefferson hand-picked Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to head one of the greatest voyages of discovery in the history of the world - the Corps of Discovery's trek across the Louisiana Purchase to the Pacific Ocean. Lewis and Clark led a team of nearly three dozen, including Toussaint Charbonneau, his wife Sacagawea, a young Shoshone woman, and her infant son Jean-Baptiste on a journey of nearly 8,000 miles. They braved injury, sickness and danger at every turn, not only to establish relations with numerous American Indian tribes, but also to enrich the scientific community with maps of the new territory and collections of plant and animal specimens previously unknown to the world at large. The "Corps of Volunteers of Northwestern Discovery," as it was originally known, is regarded by many as the most successful expedition (both military, topographic and scientific) in American history. It is a true testament to the leadership skills of Lewis and Clark that during the two years they took to chart America’s west, the explorers lost only one man, Sgt. Charles Floyd, to appendicitis.

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The Jefferson Indian Peace Medal
Lewis_Clark_Outdoors.jpgThis is an exact replica of the famous Jefferson Indian Peace Medal as executed by John Reich, and even includes a 36" long, ready-to-wear ribbon, as it would have been presented to Indian leaders. The obverse portrait of President Thomas Jefferson was modeled from the bust portrait by the famous French sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon. The reverse of the Jefferson Indian Peace Medal depicts clasped hands and a crossed tomahawk and peace pipe. The left wrist wears the ornamented cuff of a military uniform, while the right wrist of the Jefferson medal sports a broad metallic bracelet with the image of an eagle on it.

The reverse of an Indian Peace Medal is an emblem, as the legend says, of "Peace and Friendship". These medals were carried by the Expedition to present to Indian chiefs and other leaders whom they met along the way. They served as a gift, as a sort of calling-card, and as an introduction to the "Great White Chief" in Washington.

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Louisiana Purchase MapObverse
A profile portrait of Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States, facing left. The legend around the rim reads TH. JEFFERSON PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. A.D. 1801. Executed by John Reich, the portrait was based on a famous statue of Jefferson sculpted in 1789 by the French sculptor Houdon.

The legend PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP is graphically illustrated by clasped hands and a crossed tomahawk and peace pipe. The left wrist wears the ornamented cuff of a military uniform, while the right wrist of the Jefferson medal sports a broad metallic bracelet with the image of an eagle on it.

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Medal in Package This gold-tone bronze medal is handsomely presented on a red, white and blue presentation ribbon, just as the originals were given to the Indian dignitaries encountered by Lewis and Clark. This high-quality ribbon is 36" long and ready-to-wear. It will easily fit over anyone's head and for most adults the medal will hang about halfway down the chest.


Country United States of America
Weight 35.0 g
Diameter 38.00 mm
Finish Gold-Tone Specimen Finish
Composition Bronze
Edge Plain
Artist John Reich

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