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France 2007 King Stanislaw Leszczynski / Place Stanislas Nancy 20 Euro 5 Ounce Silver Proof

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Product Description

Huge (2 inch diameter), ultra-rare (mintage 500), and individually numbered silver proof of this famous Polish king!

Sold out at the Mint!Stanislaw I Leszczynski (1677-1766) was King of the Poland and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Duke of Lorraine and Count of the Stanislaw Leszczynski PortraitHoly Roman Empire. A learned Polish noble, he lived a life of philanthropy and service to his people, serving as King of Poland not once, but twice. In French his first name is usually spelled Stanislas.

Stanislaw was born in Lwow in 1677. As he came from one of the leading families of Polish nobility, he was appointed Cupbearer of Poland by age 20, signing the confirmation of the articles of election of August II Mocny (the Strong, whom he would later overthrow!). He married Katarzyna Opalinska, by whom he had two daughters, Anna and Maria. Maria would go on to marry King Louis XV of France and become Queen-Consort, a fact that would figure large in Stanislaw’s later life.

Leszczynski Program Mintage Note
We have had a number of queries about the number of different coins, and total number of coins, in the King Stanislaw Leszczynski program. There are only two coins in this program:
    20 Euro 5 Ounce Silver Proof
    20 Euro 1/2 Ounce Gold Proof
Each has a total mintage of only 500, making each truly rare. This also means that the entire Leszczynski program consists of only 1,000 coins, making this the lowest mintage coin program in the history of France!

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The Once and Future King
How was Stanislaw able to serve as king of Poland twice in one lifetime? This unusual situation was possible because the Poles elected their kings at this time, and the Polish throne was subject to the whims of other European powers. Leszczynski Family Coat of ArmsIn 1704, with the backing of King Charles XII of Sweden, Stanislaw was elected King for the first time, taking the throne in Warsaw. However, his first reign was short-lived, but during it he did what he could to stymie the designs of Peter the Great on Polish land. When the Russian Czar beat Charles XII at the Battle of Poltova in 1709, Stanislaw was forced to abdicate. In a twist of fate, he was succeeded by another two-time king, and the King he had deposed, August II Mocny.

Upon August’s death in 1733, King Louis XV of France supported the election of Stanislaw as King of Poland, in an effort to reduce Russian and Habsburg Austrian influence in Central Europe. This led to the War of the Polish Succession, which ended with the Treaty of Vienna. By this agreement, Stanislaw gave up the Polish throne in 1736, but he was compensated handsomely: he was named a Count of the Holy Roman Empire and appointed Duke of Lorraine. Upon his death in 1766, the Duchy of Lorraine passed directly to the French crown through his daughter Maria.

Place Stanislas

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The Neptune Fountain in Place Stanislas, NancyPlace Stanislas
As Duke of Lorraine, Stanislaw was viewed as a benign ruler, with his ducal capital in Nancy. He was an enlightened monarch, devoting himself to the pursuit of science and philosophy, and founding the Academia Stanislaw in Luneville. Today he is well remembered for the spectacular Place Stanislas (or Stanislaw Square), which is dominated by the huge statue of King Stanislaw I Leszczynski in the middle. Other features include an Arc de Triomphe and the elaborate Fountain of Neptune.

For a live webcam of Place Stanislas in Nancy, please click here.

Arc de Triomphe at Place Stanislas in Nancy Investment Note
The King Stanislaw Leszczynski 5 ounce silver proof has an ultra-low mintage of only 500, making it a truly rare coin! Plus, each 20 euro proof is an unique work of art, as each is engraved on the edge with its individual serial number out of the total mintage (e.g. 125/500). Couple these amazing facts with the incredible size of this coin (two inches in diameter, 8 mm thick, and weighing a full 5 ounces!) and its iconic beauty, and the investment potential seems virtually unlimited for such a low-priced rarity! This issue is sold out at the mint, but our offering here presents the savvy collector with the opportunity to own a truly rare coin that carries the additional cachets of depicting a king of Poland and a Duke of France. Hurry, before they're gone!

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The mint engravers have fully utilized the large, two inch tableau to create an extremely balanced design. A large bust portrait of King Stanislaw Leszczynski, facing 1/4 right, is featured in frosted cameo relief. To his right is a shield depicting the Leszczynski family armorial bearings or coat of arms, with two crowned eagles, two knights rampant, and a bull's head. The legend STANISLAS LESZCZYNSKI 1677-1766 ROI DE POLOGNE DUC DE LORRAINE translates as "Stanislaw Leszczynski, 1677-1766, King of Poland, Duke of Lorraine. The letters RF stand for "République Française" ("The French Republic").
2007 Leszczynski 5 Ounce Silver 20 Euro in packageReverse
A minutely detailed, panoramic birds eye view of Stanislaw Square in Nancy, France (as indicated by the legend below, PLACE STANISLAW • NANCY). In the center stands the huge statue of King Stanislaw Leszczynski, while the Neptune Fountain can be seen to  the left and the Arc de Triomphe to the right. The denomination, the date and the motto of the French Republic, LIBERTÉ ÉGALITÉ FRATERNITÉ are also indicated.

Each coin is encapsulated and presented in the traditional, blue Monnaie de Paris gift box with gilt lettering. An individually numbered certificate of authenticity is included.

Country France
Year of Issue 2007
Face Value 20 Euro
Weight 155.5 g
Diameter 50.00 mm
Mintage Limit     500
Finish Proof
Composition .950 Fine Silver
Edge Plain, Individually Numbered
Certificate Individually Numbered

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