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Germany German States 1726-EPH Wildman Taler Brunswick-Luneburg-Calenberg-Hannover George I Ludwig Wild Man Thaler Silver NGC MS-62 Crown

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Product Description

It's the famed and elusive wild man taler! Utterly original and attractive, get this wildman thaler in virtually of unheard of mint state, graded MS-62 by NGC. A truly rare opportunity for the crown type collector or astute investor!

Sold out at the Mint!What can we tell you about the famed Wildman taler that you don't already know? This is one of the most sought-after and iconic of all European coinage designs, if not all designs the world over. That's no mere twig, or branch, or even spear he's holding in his right hand, no sir. When the wild man needs weapon, he just uproots a tree - and oons, what a cudgel 'tis!

This example is perfect for a world crown collector who wants the best - the wild man thaler is not common in any grade, and is downright rare in truly uncirculated (mint state) condition, as this beauty is. It also makes the perfect type coin - if you own just one German coin from any era, this is the one! Of course, any investment-minded numismatist who notes how few and far between mint-state Wildmen are should salivate over its future prospects, and be desirous of adding it to his or her portfolio.

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Wildmen_Wildman_Wild_Man_or_Woodwose_by_Albrecht_Durer_1499Even though it is clearly uncirculated, the technical grade of 62 doesn't even come close to doing justice to this coin's actual condition. There are no objections whatsoever - it is truly problem-free. Rich original toning and a superior strike for the type will further make this a highlight of your cabinet.

Please note, this particular coin is the full-sized wild man taler - not the 1/6 taler, not the 1/3 taler, not even the 2/3 taler. It's the whole enchilada (or should we say, the whole schnitzel?), a whopping 45 mm in diameter - the full bug, as Van Halen would say. The monarch? George Ludwig, who was also George I of England (Great Britain).

The Wild Man
So who is this famed wild man? The wild man (also wild-man, wildman, or wildman of the woods; archaically, woodwose or wodewose) is a mythical figure that appears in the artwork and literature of medieval Europe. He is comparable to the satyr or faun in classical mythology, and to Silvanus, the Roman god of the woodlands.

The defining characteristic of the wild man is (you guessed it) his wildness - no surprise there. Beginning in the 12th century he was consistently depicted as being covered with hair. Images of wild men appear in the carved and painted roof bosses where intersecting ogee vaults meet in the Canterbury Cathedral, in positions where one is also likely to encounter the vegetal Green Man. The image of the wild man survived to appear as supporter for heraldic coats-of-arms, especially in Germany, well into the 16th century. Renaissance engravers in Germany and Italy were particularly fond of wild men, wild women, and wild families, with examples from Martin Schongauer and Albrecht Dürer  among others.

KM #134. Dav-2077. Wildman holding tree in right hand. Struck at the Zellerfeld Mint, EPH (Ernst Peter Hecht, mintmaster or master engraver).

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Wildman holding tree in right hand. Legend reads BRUN•&•LUN•DUX•S•R•I•A•R•THES•&EL•1726. Struck at the Zellerfeld mint, EPH (Ernst Peter Hecht, mintmaster or master engraver).

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The four coats of arms of Brunswick, Luneburg, Calenberg, and Hannover, laid out in a cruciform arrangement. Legend reads GEORGIUS•D•G•MAG•BR•FR•ET•HIB•REX•FID•D. How's that for a mouthful?

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Country Germany - German States
Year of Issue 1727-EPH
Face Value One Taler (Thaler)
Weight ??? g
Diameter 45.00 mm
Finish Circulation
Composition Silver
Edge Not visible
Grade NGC MS-62

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