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Poland 2005 King Stanislaw August Poniatowski (SAP) 2 Zlote Nordic Gold Proof-Like BU

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The last king of Poland, a noble and tragic figure, is commemorated on this historic issue!

KING STANISLAW AUGUST PONIATOWSKI Stanislaw August Poniatowski was elected king of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and crowned in Warsaw in 1764. A renowned orator, he spoke out fiercely in support of Polish independence against the more powerful neighbors (Russia, Prussia and Austria) that sought to control Poland. Ultimately he was unsuccessful, as the great powers partitioned Poland three times during his reign (in 1772, 1793 and 1795), the final time resulting in Poniatowski's abdication and the elimination of Poland as a free country from the map of Europe.

 To this day, Poniatowski remains a controversial figure. Some historians accuse him of striving for absolutism and control of power, others argue that he was a reformer, while still others suggest that he was weak, ineffective, and even treasonous. An intelligent and good-natured gentleman, he did accomplish much in realms of culture and education and is considered at least partly responsible for the Polish Enlightenment. Coin collectors the world over know Poniatowski for another accomplishment, his founding of the Mint of Poland by royal decree in 1766. Without a doubt he is one of the most tragic figures in Polish history, the last monarch of Poland, a king who outlived his country.


The Kings of Poland Program
In 1979 the National Bank of Poland initiated the "Polish Kings, Queens and Princes" series, presenting twenty-three rulers over the ensuing years in what has been the longest running, and possibly most popular, coin series in Polish history! The four coins in the King Poniatowski program represent the culmination of this enduring sequence. As the final coins, representing the last king of Poland, the SAP program will no doubt be sought after by collectors for years. Celebrate the legacy of Polish royalty with the King Poniatowski coins!

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A bust portrait of King Stanislaw August Poniatowski, facing right. To the right of the portrait, the date in Polish "May 3, 1791", the date of the adoption of the Polish Constitution, of which he was a co-author. Above is his name, and below are the dates of his reign, 1764-1795.


The crowned white eagle, the national emblem of Poland, with the date, denomination and the legend RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA ("Republic of Poland").

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Country Poland
Year of Issue 2005
Issuing Authority National Bank of Poland
Face Value 2 Zl
Weight 8.15 g
Diameter 27 mm
Mintage Limit 990,000
Finish Proof-Like Brilliant Uncirculated (BU)
Composition Nordic Gold, a four-metal alloy composed of copper, aluminum, tin and zinc, that looks like real gold and does not tarnish
Edge Lettered. "NBP" (for “National Bank of Poland”) is repeated eight times around the edge, each time rotated 180 degrees from the previous “NBP”.

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