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Poland 2006 History of the Polish Cavalry - Piast Horseman Knight 2 Zlote Nordic Gold Proof-Like BU

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A noble and heavily-armed Polish knight rides across this dramatic coin, a reminder of Poland's military history!

Sold out at the Mint!For over a thousand years Poland's cavalry was a mainstay of its armed forces, guaranteeing her freedom in peace and defending her in times of war. From the earliest days of the Polish state, the Piast dynasty, all the way through the Second World War, the cavalry served Poland capably and honorably. This new series of coins, to be issued over several years, offers a chance to relive the glory of the Polish cavalry from the dawn of Poland as a nation-state through those final, desperate days in 1939.

SZCZERBIECThe Piast Knight or Horseman is the first in a new series of coins from Poland, the ongoing History of the Polish Cavalry program, and was issued in a Nordic Gold (base metal) 2 Zl, a rectangular 10 Zl silver proof, and a 200 Zl gold proof.

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The Piast Era
Knights from the early Piast era (tenth and eleventh centuries A.D.) were both heavily armed and armored. They wore padded leather armor under either chain mail or scale armor. A conical helmet with nose guard and a large shield further protected these mounted warriors. They typically fought with spears and swords, the spears being useful as they were versatile, while the swords were used more for slashing than their later use as thrusting weapons.

In time the sword became the symbol of knighthood in Poland. The ceremonial sword Szczerbiec is depicted on the gold 200 Zl proof in this series. This weapon is the last surviving item of the Polish Crown Jewels, all the other objects having been lost to history during Poland's numerous wars. Szczerbiec was used in the coronation ceremony of all the Polish kings from the twelfth century through the reign of Stanislaw MIESZKO IAugust Poniatowski, the last king of Poland.

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The First Polish Nobility
The Piasts were the first dynasty of Polish princes and kings. Poland herself traces her national foundation to Piast Duke Mieszko I, who ruled from about 960 to 992 A.D. During his reign the Piast knights made up his ducal bodyguard, while formations of Piast horsemen were integral in Mieszko's defeat of Margrave Hodo of Lusatia at the Battle of Cedynia in 972. Later, Mieszko's son, Boleslaw the Brave (in Polish, Boleslaw I Chrobry) greatly enlarged the territory of his country and was crowned the first King of Poland in the process. This expansion was due in no small part to the cadres of these armored horsemen who formed the backbone of the Polish army. It is estimated that Mieszko's army numbered about 3,000, while Boleslaw's was nearly 50% larger, at about 4,300.

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A heavily-armed and armored Piast knight advances on horseback in a dynamic rendering, spear in his right hand and shield in his left, while his sword hangs at the ready by his side. The legend JEZDZIEC PIASTOWSKI ("Piast Horseman") appears above.

By law, the reverse of every Polish coin includes the crowned white eagle, the national emblem of Poland. Its legs are flanked by the year of issue. The denomination and the legend RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA ("Republic of Poland") are also indicated.

Edge Lettering
NBP (for "National Bank of Poland") is repeated eight times around the edge, each time rotated 180 degrees from the previous "NBP".

Country Poland
Year of Issue 2006
Issuing Authority  National Bank of Poland
Face Value 2 Zl
Weight 8.15 g
Diameter 27.00 mm
Mintage Limit 1,000,000
Finish Proof-Like Brilliant Uncirculated
Composition Nordic Gold, a four-metal alloy composed of copper, aluminum, tin and zinc, that looks like real gold and does not tarnish
Edge Lettered. "NBP" (for “National Bank of Poland”) is repeated eight times around the edge, each time rotated 180 degrees from the previous “NBP”.

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