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Poland 2007 Breaking of the Enigma Codes 75th Anniversary 2 Zlote Nordic Gold Proof-Like BU

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The breaking of the Enigma Codes, the little-known and mind-boggling work of Poland's brilliant cryptanalysts, and a key to the Allied victory in World War II, is commemorated on this unique coin!

Sold out at the Mint!Well-known throughout the world and famous in the annals of the Second World War, the Enigma Encryption Machine resembles a typewriter, but is in actuality a complex combination of both mechanical and electrical systems. It uses rotors to substitute one letter for another, as well as other encryption techniques (such as a plugboard and wires) to create a seemingly infinite number of permutations. Making things even trickier, the codes were Enigma_Code_Machine.jpgreset and the Enigma Machines could be reprogrammed each day. Given these multiple layers of encryption, the Nazis considered the Enigma Codes unbreakable. After all, who in their right mind would spend the vast amount of time and trouble to try to crack the workings of this machine, with a code that could be changed on a daily basis? And besides, one couldn't crack the Enigma Codes without an Enigma Machine in the first place, and the Germans had all of these as well.

Enter the brilliant mathematicians of the Polish Cipher Bureau. In 1932 the cryptographers Marian Rejewski, Jerzy Ró?ycki and Henryk Zygalski, applying new and advanced algebraic methods, successfully cracked the Enigma Codes! All three were under thirty years old at the time. In this task they succeeded where the British and French had utterly failed. Over the next few years this team would go on to build the famous "Enigma doubles", exact replicas of German Enigma Machines, as well as the "cryptologic bombes", electromechanical computers that greatly sped the process of discovering the daily Enigma keys.

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Enigma_Rotors.jpgBut for all of its brilliance, the work of Rejewski, Rozycki and Zygalski would have been for naught if they hadn't been able to get the fruits of their labor to their Allies. In July 1939, with war imminent, Poland took the altruistic and farsighted step of pledging to transfer everything needed to read the Enigma Codes (including a Polish-built "Enigma double", a "cryptologic bombe", and the details of the process) to France and Great Britain, a pledge which they kept. In September 1939, as the Nazis were overrunning their homeland, the brave Polish cryptanalysts fled first to Romania, then through Yugoslavia and Italy into France, to set up shop again and get the latest updates to their French and British counterparts. The British mathematician Alan Turing met with them in France and was most impressed by their work. With the Polish solutions, the Allies were able to read German Luftwaffe, Kreigsmarine and Wehrmacht messages of the utmost importance throughout the war! It is only recently that the full story of this remarkable Polish contribution to the war effort has been declassified and told.

The three coins of this program commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Breaking of the Enigma Codes. The intelligence gained through this source - codenamed ULTRA - was a significant aid to the Allied war effort. Though it's impossible to make an exact assessment, the general consensus is that the end of World War II was hastened by two years because of the decryption of the German ciphers.

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The entire obverse consists of a rotor wheel from the Enigma Cipher Machine. Around the outside of the wheel, with each letter inside a circle, are the last names of the Polish cryptanalysts who cracked the Enigma Codes: REJEWSKI ROZYCKI ZYGALSKI. On the inside of the rotor is the legend 75 ROCZNICA ZLAMANIA SZYFRU ENIGMY ("75th Anniversary of the Breaking of the Enigma Codes").


The crowned white eagle, the national emblem of Poland, with the year of issue, the denomination and the legend RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA (REPUBLIC OF POLAND).


Edge Lettering

NBP (for "National Bank of Poland") is repeated eight times around the edge, each time rotated 180 degrees from the previous "NBP".

Country Poland
Year of Issue 2007
Issuing Authority National Bank of Poland
Face Value 2 Zl
Weight 8.15 g
Diameter 27.00 mm
Mintage Limit 900,000
Finish Proof-Like Brilliant Uncirculated
Composition Nordic Gold, a four-metal alloy composed of copper, aluminum, tin and zinc, that looks like real gold and does not tarnish
Edge Lettered. "NBP" (for “National Bank of Poland”) is repeated eight times around the edge, each time rotated 180 degrees from the previous “NBP”.

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