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Poland 2007 Annual Silver Collector Coin Proof Set (11 Coins plus Rare Medal)

Price: $999.95

Product Description

Ultra-Rare Luxury Set Includes All of the Silver Commemoratives from 2007!

Sold out at the Mint! The Mint of Poland is proud to announce the release of its Annual Silver Collector Coins Set for 2007. Only 200 of these sets have been assembled for distribution worldwide. This trove represents a complete gathering of all 11 different silver commemorative coins minted in Poland in 2007. All of the coins are struck in .925 fine (sterling) silver with a proof finish, and all have a face value of either 10 zlotych or 20 zlotych. A very rare silver grey seal medal, found only in this set, is also included.

Investment Note
There are only 200 of these sets available worldwide. The set is therefore extremely rare, and previous years' sets have tended to increase in value once they are sold out at the mint. This set also represents the easiest and most economical way to acquire all of the 2007 Polish silver commemoratives. Finally, the ultra-rare silver grey seal medal (mintage 200) is only available in this set.

Technology Note
The Mint of Poland is renowned for its state of the art minting technology. This set includes coins that feature color printing, a latent image effect, a hologram, a crystal gemstone, and unusual shapes.

Highlights of the Set
The Warsaw Mint is known for the quality of its coin design and engraving, and for the application of modern technology to the minting process. Both of these elements are amply in evidence here, as are many important Polish themes and topics on the various coins.

One area of technology that the mint excels in is the striking of unusually shaped coins. There are two non-circular coins in this set. A rectangular 10 zl commemorates the history of the Polish Cavalry - the 15th Century Mounted Knight. A rectangular 20 zl, with rounded corners, commemorates artist Leon Wyczolkowski and is the 2007 entry in the Great Painters of Poland series.

The Wyczolkowski proof also features four color pad printing, with the artist’s palette accented in red, green, yellow and blue. A 20 zl coin in the Monuments of Material Culture series features the medieval town of Torun.

One of the highlights of the set is the Enigma Code 10 zloty. This creative design commemorates the 75th anniversary of the breaking of the Enigma code during World War II, enabling the Allies to monitor and decode the Nazis' encrypted orders.

Also included in this set is Poland's second hologram coin. The 10 zloty coin was issued in honor of Joseph Conrad, and features a sailing ship reflected in the water through the stunning magic of the holographic effect.

The History of the Zloty series continues with its coin-on-a-coin theme, showing the 1928 Nike 5 zloty coin. Others in the set include the Animals of the World, a 20 zl featuring the Grey Seal, which also provides the inspiration for the special medal minted just for this set.

The Mint Medal
Perhaps the capstone of the set is the truly rare silver grey seal medal. It is 32 mm and weighs 14.14g of .925 fine silver, making it the perfect complement to the sterling silver coins in the set. It is designed to complement the Grey Seal 20 zloty coin, using similar elements. This medal is specially minted for and only available in the Annual Collector Coins Set, so there are only 200 in the world.

CertificateThe 12-item set (eleven silver coins and one silver medal) is presented in a luxurious wooden coffer. Each case is handmade in Poland of fine-grained oak stained with a high-gloss, mahogany finish, and all of the coins are encapulated. The velvet-lined interior features a wooden plaque with the mint logo and an inscription in English and Polish identifying the set.

Each set includes an oversized, almost 9 inch by 12 inch, full-color certificate of authenticity. The bilingual certificate includes an image of and complete specifications for each coin in the set. Click on the image to see a large view of the certificate. The reverse inlcudes additional information on the coins and medal cointained in the 2007 Annual Silver Collector Coins Set.


Country Poland
Year of Issue 2007
Issuing Authority National Bank of Poland
Face Value Set total is 140 Zl (8 x 10 Zl plus 3 x 20 Zl)
Weight 10 Zl: 14.14 g
20 Zl: 28.28 g
Medal: 14.14 g
Diameter 10 Zl: 32 mm
20 Zl: 38.61 mm
Medal: 32 mm
Mintage Limit 200
Finish Proof (all coins and medal)
Composition .925 Fine (Sterling) silver (all coins and medal)
Edge All plain
Certificate Oversized, full-color, double-sided

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