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Armenia 2008 Endangered Species - Toad-Headed Sunwatcher Agama Lizard 100 Dram Silver Proof with Color

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Product Description

Collect and celebrate the endangered wildlife of Armenia with these extremely low mintage silver proofs!

Sold out at the Mint!Very little is known about the Toad-Headed Sunwatcher Agama Lizard - in fact, this may be the most obscure individual species ever featured on a coin! It is small, reaching a maximum length of less than 5 inches (including tail!); in fact, it's name is longer than it is. It lays eggs. What is known (and known well) is that in recent years its numbers have inexplicably decreased rapidly in the wild. There are estimated to be only 200 to 250 in the sandy regions around Mt. Ararat and possibly 300 left in the Armavir region. The Toad-Headed Sunwatcher Agama Lizard neither thrives nor reproduces in captivity, so even though there are ongoing studies and research being conducted in Armenia, its prospects do not look good.

The Toad-Headed Sunwatcher Agama Lizard of Armenia in its natural habitatThe Toad-Headed Sunwatcher Agama Lizard of Armenia in hand

This is the twelfth entry in the ongoing "Wild World of the Caucasus - Endangered Species of Armenia" coin program. Each coin features an animal that is on the Red Book of Armenia endangered or protected species list. This fact is well-illustrated on each coin by the two red lines that underscore the animal's names in Latin and Armenian.

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Investment Note
This coin has a total mintage of only 3,000, which is very low for such a reasonably-priced silver proof. Taking into account the large size (nearly 39 mm in diameter, or crown-sized), the animal theme featuring an endangered species, the colorization, and the beauty of the design, we feel that this is a great buy-and-hold for any numismatic portfolio. All previous entries in this series have shown significant (and in some cases, extremely dramatic) appreciation above the issue price.

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COAT OF ARMS OF ARMENIAA superbly realistic depiction of the endangered Toad-Headed Sunwatcher Agama Lizard. The scientific (Latin genus and species) name PHRYNOCEPHALUS HELIOSCOPUS PERSIKUS appears above and the animal's Armenian name appears below, while the red stripes underscoring the names emphasize its endangered status.

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In the center, the national coat of arms of Armenia. The legend REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA in English and Armenian, as well as the date of issue and the denomination are also indicated.

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Each coin is encapsulated and the "quality" is described on the certificate as "Brilliant Uncirculated", which is true enough. However, the coins exhibit fully-mirrored fields and frosted cameo relief on the designs. We believe that these are therefore proof-finish commemoratives, struck with proof dies on specially-prepared proof planchets.

Country Armenia
Year of Issue 2008
Issuing Authority   Central Bank of Armenia
Minted By Mennica Polska, the Mint of Poland
Face Value 100 Dram
Weight 28.28 g
Diameter 38.61 mm
Mintage Limit 3,000
Finish Proof with Color
Composition .925 Fine (Sterling) Silver
Edge Plain
Packaging Encapsulated

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