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Poland 2008 10-Coin Uncirculated Mint Set for New Baby with Peregrine Falcon 2 Zlote Commemorative and Lucky Grey Seal Medal

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Product Description

This eleven item mint set includes nine circulation coins, a bonus commemorative, and a unique bonus color medal!

Sold out at the Mint!Poland has released a very special, low mintage coin set, its only mint set for 2008! Because it includes a grey seal "lucky" colorized token that can only be found in this mint set, this set sold out at the mint! This set also features a new baby gift theme, making it a great set for anyone born in 2008. We are happy to have a limited number remaining to offer here. 

Polish_Circ_Coins_Designs.jpg•  This is the only Polish Mint Set for 2008.
•  Poland has more circulating denominations (9) than any other country.
•  The set includes the highly collectible Peregrine Falcon 2 Zlote coin - this coin alone sells for $9.95!
•  The set includes a lucky medal with a color 4-leaf clover on one side and a grey seal design on the other. This special medal is available nowhere else!
•  The set has a high face value (10 zlotych and 88 groszy).
•  Mintage is just 2,000 - compare to US Mint sets that are typically 3 or 4 million!

The Circulating Coins
There are nine circulating coins included in the set, one of each of the nine circulating denominations of Poland. All feature a common motif on the obverse, interestingly enough, that of the American red oak! This emblem was chosen for two reasons: this species is the strongest tree to grow in Poland, and it is distributed evenly throughout all regions of the country.

2008 Mint Set

Each coin has a different device of oak leaves, wreaths, or clusters, with the size and number of oak devices varying appropriately by denomination. Thus the 2 and 5 zlotych coins bear the respective numbers of large oak leaves, while the 20 groszy, for example, sports an oak-leaf cluster, while the 50 groszy has a partial wreath and the 1 zlotych (the base denomination of the Polish monetary system, equivalent to the United States dollar) bears a full oak wreath.

Interestingly, not all are dated 2008. At face value this might seem unusual, but under Polish law the National Bank of Poland may not order, and the Mint of Poland may therefore not strike, a circulating denomination until a clear need is demonstrated. Thus, not every type of Polish coin is struck every year. When a given denomination is struck it may be minted in sufficient quantity to warrant a several-year wait until its next production run. However, this set does contain an example of each circulation coin that was struck in 2008. The following table presents the specifications for each of these nine coins:

•  1 grosz dated 2007 , struck in brass. Measures 15.5 mm in diameter and weighs 1.64 grams.
•  2 grosze dated 2008, struck in brass. 17.5 mm, 2.13 grams.
•  5 groszy dated 2007, struck in brass. 19.5 mm, 2.59 grams.
•  10 groszy dated 2008, struck in copper-nickel. 16.5 mm, 2.51 grams.
•  20 groszy dated 2007, struck in copper-nickel. 18.5 mm, 3.22 grams.
•  50 groszy dated 1995, struck in copper-nickel. 20.5 mm, 3.94 grams.
•  1 zloty dated 1995, struck in copper-nickel. 23 mm, 5 grams.
•  2 zlote bi-metallic dated 2007. 21.5 mm, 5.21 grams.
•  5 zlotych bi-metallic dated 1996. 24 mm, 6.54 grams.

All are specially-struck and hand-picked for these high-quality sets. Each coin has a brilliant finish.
Bonus Commemorative - 2 Zlote Endangered Species Peregrine Falcon Coin
The 2008 entry in the Endangered Species of Poland series features the peregrine falcon. This beautiful bird of prey, also known as the duck hawk, is a migratory species ("peregrine" actually means "wandering") that can be found throughout the world, as far north as the arctic tundra. It feeds almost exclusively on other birds by diving on them at incredible rates of speed and knocking them out of the air. In its hunting dive it can achieve speeds in excess of 250 mph, making it the fastest animal on the planet! It also has an incredible metabolic rate, with its heart beating up to 900 time per minute!

Bonus Token - Endangered Species Grey Seal "Good Luck" Colorized
This 4-leaf clover colorized token features the the grey seal, with a design in the same vein as previous endangered species coins. However this medal and its design is new, and only available in this set, meaning there are only 2,000 of these medals in the world!

2008 Mint Set Commemorative Coin & MedalObverse - 2008 Falcon 2 Zl
A realistically-rendered adult peregrine falcon perches high in the mountains on a pine branch. The legend SOKOL WEDROWNY in Polish translates as "Peregrine Falcon", while the scientific (Latin genus and species) name FALCO PEREGRINUS also appears above.

Reverse - 2008 Falcon 2 Zl
By law, the reverse of every Polish coin includes the crowned white eagle, the national emblem of Poland. Its legs are flanked by the white and red national flag. The year of issue, the denomination and the legend RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA ("Republic of Poland") are also indicated.

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Obverse - 2008 Good Luck Token
A superb and realistic depiction of two seals on the shore. One seal dives gracefully into the water while the other watches from the shore. In keeping with the baby gift theme, the legend MOJE PIERWSZE MONETY in Polish translates as "My First Coins", perfect for any new child born in 2008!

Reverse - 2008 Good Luck Token
Features a photo-like colorized four-leaf clover, a symbol not only of Good Luck, but also known in Poland as a symbol of environment and conservation, making it a perfect theme for both bringing good luck to the recipient of the set of coins, but also as a token of good fortune for the future of the endangered species featured!

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Edge Lettering
An interesting feature of the 2 zlote commemorative is the edge lettering, “NBP” (for “National Bank of Poland”, the issuing authority). This inscription is repeated eight times around the edge of the coin, each separated by stars, every other “NBP” rotated by 180 degrees.

Composition & Specifications
The 2 zlote Falcon commemorative is struck in Nordic gold, a four-metal alloy consisting of copper, aluminum, tin and zinc. This alloy was developed specifically to look like real gold. Each 2 zlote measures 27 mm in diameter and weighs 8.15 grams. A total of 1.6 million of the Peregrine Falcon circulating commemoratives were struck with a brilliant uncirculated (BU) finish.

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All eleven coins are housed in a six-page, full-color blister pack folder, with complete background and specifications for all coins in both English and Polish. A certificate of authenticity and protective outer sleeve, also in full color, are also included.

Set Specifications
Country Poland
Year of Issue 2008
Finish Brilliant Uncirculated
Face Value 10 Zlotych and 88 Groszy
Total Mintage 2,000
Certificate Included

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