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Mexico 2011-Mo Libertad 1 Onza Winged Victory Goddess Nike - Angel of Independence Pure Silver Roll of 20

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Product Description

The classic Angel of Liberty design, in pure white Mexican silver, at a great price!

This listing is for a full and original Banco de México roll of 20 Pure Silver Libertads!

We're proud to offer you the scarce Mexican Libertad, minted in the special white silver for which Mexico is famous! Each coin is individually struck and bears the renowned Mo mint mark of the historic Mexico City Mint (la Casa de Moneda), the oldest mint in the Western Hemisphere. This "House of Money" was established by Spain in 1535. Of course, the silver in these treasures is pure, and the design beautiful!

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Mexico Libertad in roll form

The Famous El Angel or Angel de la Independencia (Angel of Liberty) statue in downtown Mexico CityThe Mexican Libertad
In the center of the obverse the half-naked goddess Nike flies above the plain of Tenochtitlan and the former Lake Texcoco. Nike is often referred to as Winged Victory, and is an allegory, representing the concept of triumph or victory (in this case, victory over tyranny and oppression). The laurel wreath in her left hand represents freedom, while the broken chain in her left hand represents national independence, sentiments echoed by the edge lettering ("Independencia y Libertad", or "Independence and Liberty").

Behind her are the two famous volcanoes, Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl, which are often visible from Mexico City, depending upon atmospheric and weather conditions. There are several stories associated with these mountains, including an Aztec myth, recounted below. Because of her appearance, with full and feathery wings, this representation of Winged Victory is often referred to as the "Angel of Liberty". The design is taken from the famous statue in downtown Mexico City.

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The Angel of Independence
Columna de la Independencia, or Independence Column, in Mexico CityEl Ángel de la Independencia (The Angel of Independence, and most commonly known by the shortened name El Ángel) is a famous statue of Winged Victory located on a roundabout in the Paseo de la Reforma in downtown Mexico City. She is flying atop a victory column know as Columna de la Independencia, or the "Independence Column", which is 117 feet tall! El Angel was designed by Enrique Alciati. Made of bronze covered in gold, the statue alone weighs 14,000 pounds (7 tons)!

El Angel was built in 1910 to commemorate the centennial of the beginning of Mexico's War of Independence. In later years it was made into a mausoleum for the most important heroes of that war. It is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Mexico City, and it has become a focal point for both celebration or protest. At its base is an eternal flame honoring the heroes and marking their graves.

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The Legend of Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl
In Aztec mythology, Iztaccihuatl was a princess who fell in love with one of her father, the king's, warriors, name Popocatepetl. Her father sent her lover to a war in Oaxaca, promising his daughter as his wife if he returned.  (Of course, Iztaccíhuatl's father, the king, presumed he would not.) When Iztaccíhuatl was falsely told that her lover was dead, she expired of grief.

When Popocatépetl returned, he in turn died of grief over losing his beloved. The gods took pity on the star-crossed lovers, transforming their bodies into mountains and covering them with snow. Iztaccíhuatl's mountain is known as the "White Woman" because it resembles a woman sleeping on her back, and is often covered with snow. Popocatépetl became a more active volcano, raining fire in blind rage at the loss of his lover.

Please note that because Libertads were originally distributed in Banco de Mexico rolls, some may have a slight toning or patina, especially around the edge and rims. This enhances, rather than detracts from, their beauty.

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Purity Note
This beautiful silver Libertad is minted in lustrous, white .999 fine (pure) silver!

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A beautiful, full body portrait of the semi-nude goddess Nike, also known as Winged Victory. She holds a laurel wreath in her right hand and a broken chain in her left hand. She stands in front of the mountains Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl. The legends 1 ONZA PLATA PURA and LEY 999 guarantee the weight and purity. The date of issue is also indicated.


The official seal of the United Mexican States, featuring an eagle resting on a cactus, with a snake or serpent in its beak. This symbolizes Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital, on which site Mexico City now rests. Beneath the eagle is a wreath composed half of oak leaves and half of laurel leaves, while above the eagle is the legend ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS.

The 20 Libertad pure silver coins are in their original bank roll, as issued by the Banco de Mexico.

Country Mexico
Issuing Authority      Banco de México
Year of Issue 2011
Face Value 20 Onzas (20 x 1 Onza)
Weight 622.06 g
Diameter 40 mm
Finish Brilliant Uncirculated
Composition .999 Fine (Pure) Silver
Edge Reeded (serrated, milled))

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