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Tuvalu 2009-P Great Classical Music Composers #1 - Felix Mendelssohn 200th Anniversary $1 Pure Silver Dollar Proof

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Celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the brilliant yet tragic classical music composer Felix Mendelssohn with this pure silver dollar proof!

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Sold out at the Mint! Classical music has the unparalleled ability to reflect all the moods and emotions of the human soul. Consider the sublime understatement of "Für Elise" and the grandiose majesty of the Ninth Symphony, both composed by Ludwig van Beethoven. And that's just the music; the personal lives of history's musical geniuses have provided the fodder for countless biographies, historical novels, and feature films. Celebrating the lives of five of classical music's greatest composers, this handsome new series of traditionally engraved, frosted cameo pure silver proof collector coins from Australia's Perth Mint begins with the commemoration of the 200th anniversary of Felix Mendelssohn's birth.

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A half-figure portrait of the renowned German composer Felix Mendelssohn at the age of 30, as painted in 1839 by the famous English painter James Warren Childe.Felix Mendelssohn
A German composer, pianist and conductor of the early Romantic period, Felix Mendelssohn was born in Hamburg on February 3, 1809 to a Jewish family. One of the most gifted composers the world has ever known, he left an extraordinary body of work including symphonies, concerti, oratorios, piano and chamber music.

Mendelssohn showed signs of genius at an early age, performing in public for the first time in 1818. Three years later, the prolific young composer met Johann Wolfgang van Goethe, who compared him with the earlier child prodigy, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Among Mendelssohn's most memorable early works are the overture to Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, written in 1826 during his teenage years.

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After studying at Berlin University, Mendelssohn toured Britain and Europe. Scotland inspired two of his most famous works, the overture Fingal's Cave (also known as the Hebrides Overture) and the Scottish Symphony, which he dedicated to Queen Victoria, a strong supporter of his work.

Also among his most famous works are the Italian Symphony (1833); incidental music for A Midsummer Night's Dream, including the popular Wedding March (1842); a violin concerto (1844); and the oratorio Elijah (1846). Mendelssohn's music was adored by audiences in England, where he was a regular visitor, as well as Germany, Austria and Italy.

Mendelssohn achieved success after success professionally, and has been romantically linked to the famous Swedish soprano Jenny Lind. His intensely busy schedule and the devastating loss of his sister Fanny overcame him at a very young age, like his contemporary Chopin. He died on November 4, 1847 from a stroke, a the age of just 38.

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The Felix Mendelssohn Pure Silver Proof is the first in the new Great Classical Composers Series, to be released by the Perth Mint. The complete program comprises:

    Felix Mendelssohn
    Frederic Chopin
    Robert Schumann
    Gustav Mahler
    Franz Liszt
    + Five Coin Display Box

The Complete 5-Coin Collection of all five different Great Classical Composers Silver Dollars may be available - click here to see if it is!

Please see the presentation lower on this page for more information about Tuvalu and its association with Australia.

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Felix Mendelssohn Great Composers $1 in boxObverse
A frosted cameo, profile portrait of the composer Felix Mendelssohn, facing right, superimposed on a treble clef and four staves of music notes. The Perth Mint's "P" mint mark is judiciously hidden in the bottom stave of notes. The legend reads FELIX MENDELSSOHN 1809-1847.

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Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of England, in crowned profile facing right. This portrait, featuring Her Majesty wearing a tiara and pearl drop earrings, was executed by the sculptor Raphael Maklouf. The legend QUEEN ELIZABETH II, the date of issue and denomination also appear.

The coin is encapsulated inside a handsome taupe leatherette, clamshell-style presentation case, lined with black velvet and satin, and protected by a full-color outer box. An individually-numbered certificate of authenticity is included.

Country Tuvalu
Mint Perth Mint of Australia
Year of Issue 2009
Face Value One Dollar
Weight 31.135 g
Diameter 40.60 mm
Gauge (Thickness)   4.00 mm
Mintage Limit    5,000
Finish Proof
Composition .999 Fine (Pure) Silver
Edge Reeded (milled, serrated)
Artist Raphael Maklouf (reverse)
Certificate Individually Numbered

The Island Nation of Tuvalu
Tuvalu, formerly known as the Ellice Islands, is a Polynesian island nation located in the Pacific Ocean midway between Hawaii and Australia. Its nearest neighbors are Kiribati, Samoa and Fiji. It is comprised of four reef islands and five true atolls. Its population of 11,992 makes it the third-least populated independent country in the world, with only Vatican City and Nauru having fewer inhabitants. It is also the second-smallest member by population of the United Nations. In terms of physical land size, at just 10 square miles Tuvalu is the fourth smallest country in the world, larger only than the Vatican City, Monaco and Nauru.

The first inhabitants of Tuvalu were Polynesian people, who arrived about 3000 years go. The islands came under Great Britain's sphere of influence in the late 19th century. The Ellice Islands were administered by Britain as part of a protectorate from 1892 to 1916 and as part of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony from 1916 to 1974. In 1974 the Ellice Islanders voted for separate British dependency status as Tuvalu, separating from the Gilbert Islands which became Kiribati upon independence. Tuvalu became fully independent within The Commonwealth in 1978. with Queen Elizabeth II as titular head of state.

Because Tuvalu has few natural resources it has been dependent in recent years upon aid from larger, more developed nations, including Australia, New Zealand and the United States. The Perth Mint of Australia is officially commissioned by the government of Tuvalu to produce legal tender coinage for the island nation.

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