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Australia 2015-P Mini Koala Bear Portrait $2 Gold Nugget 0.5 Gram .9999 Pure Gold Reverse Proof in Card

Price: $89.95 $59.95
(You save $30.00)

Product Description

Our friendly Mini Koala Bear presents a golden opportunity! Here's a cute, cuddly and INCREDIBLY AFFORDABLE way to acquire 99.99% pure gold!

Sold out at the Mint! The koala bear is one of the definitive symbols of Australia, the island continent. Here's the third entry in this revolutionary series, with a one-year-only depiction of this herbivorous marsupial, made all the more desirable by the Mint's execution in 4 9s pure gold, artistically rendered in a proof finish with mirrored fields and frosted cameo devices. Perhaps best of all is the price! Leave it to the Perth Mint to make the luxury of a .9999 fine smallest gold proof affordable for everyone!

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A cute and cuddly koala climbs the eucalyptus tree. MUST...GET...LEAVESThe Magnificent Mini Koala!
You don't have to spend a mint to look like a million bucks! The Mini Koala makes the ultimate gift, so give the gift of gold without breaking the bank! And this is one meaningful, permanent gift - precious metals are forever! (Don't forget to sock a few away for yourself, as well!)

    • • .9999 fine gold!
    • • Extremely low price!
    • • Full frosted cameo proof finish!
    • Third entry in this desirable, annual series!
    • • Unique, one-year-only design!
    • • Iconic, Australian koala animal motif!
    • • Did we mention that it's incredibly affordable, pure gold?

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Get Gold for the Price of Silver!
If you're used to silver, here's your chance to experience the thrill of owning a pure gold coin for the very first time! Impress your friends:

    You + Gold Mini Koala = High Roller!

Perfect for the coin toss - here's one gold coin you can carry with you everywhere (the Mini Koala is enclosed in oversize, protective capsule)!

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A Most Unusual and Surprising Bear!
A mother koala eats the tasty leaves of the eucalyptus tree while her young joey pokes his head out of her pouch to see what's going on.Despite its appearance, the koala bear isn't really a bear at all, but rather a marsupial. Nonetheless it fascinates us because it's so darn cute - it looks like a living teddy bear! Appearances can be deceiving here, too, because koalas aren't cuddly, either. They are arboreal (tree-dwelling), so they have very strong, sharp claws for climbing (and their bite can cause injury, as well).

Koala bears live nearly their entire lives in the eucalyptus (gum) tree, where they feed almost exclusively on its leaves. They have a very low metabolism for a mammal, so they spend up to 20 hours a day resting and sleeping (and the rest mostly eating). Eucalypt leaves are high in toxic chemicals such as phenols and terpenes, which only the koala has adapted to deal with - the toxins are neutralized in its specialized liver.

Marsupials are unusual, and, many scientists believe, more primitive, mammals. Their best-known characteristic is the pouch for their young, and the koala is no exception. The babies, called joeys, are only a quarter-inch long when born, and enter the world hairless, blind and earless, so the safety of mother koala's pouch is a necessity for its first six months of life. For its second half-year the joey will generally ride on mom's back.

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Shhh, don't wake him! This poor guy is all tuckered out after a day eating eucalyptus leaves! A cute koala bear takes a nap, smartly perched in the crook of a tree.Koala Fun Facts
You'd think that it couldn't get any more odd than a living stuffed animal that spends its entire life in, and only eats the leaves of, one kind of tree. If so, you'd be wrong - koalas are among Nature's most unusual and unique creatures. Here's a couple of other oddities about these fascinating fur balls.

Koalas are often thought to be silent, and they are most of the time, but males have a very loud mating call that can be heard for a distance of about one kilometer away during the breeding season! When attacked, koalas may issue a loud cry, which is often likened to that of a human baby.

The koala bear is one of the few mammals (other than primates) that has fingerprints. Koala fingerprints are remarkably similar to human fingerprints - even when viewed with an electron microscope, it can be quite difficult for an expert to distinguish between the two!

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Investment Note
This artistically-rendered beauty contains a full half-gram of four nines (.9999) pure gold. Its weight represents a most affordable fractional size of gold, small enough to be economical for any collector.

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Technology Note
The Australia 2015 Mini-Koala comes in a full-color display cardThe marvelous minting and refining technologies of the Perth Mint have brought us this affordable gold coin, in a purity (99.99%) that puts other, larger gold coins to shame!

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This year the design features a handsome full-body portrait of a koala bear, with the Perth Mint "P" mint mark to the right of the koala bear, at the 3:00 position along the rim. The legend 0.5 GRAM 9999 GOLD guarantees the weight and purity.

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Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, in crowned profile facing right. This portrait, featuring Her Majesty wearing a tiara and pearl earrings, was executed by the sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley. The legend ELIZABETH II, the date of issue and denomination also appear.

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The coin is encapsulated and protected inside a colorful, wallet-sized card, suitable for presentation and gift-giving.

Country Australia
Mint Perth Mint of Australia
Year of Issue 2015
Face Value 2 Dollars
Weight 0.500 g
Diameter 11.60 mm
Gauge (Thickness)     0.70 mm
Finish Reverse Proof
Composition .9999 Fine (Pure) Gold
Edge Reeded (milled, serrated)
Artist Ing Ing Jong (obverse)
Ian Rank-Broadley (reverse)

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