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Australia 2018-P Kangaroos Hopping Across The Outback Beneath Noonday Sun $25 1/4 Ounce .9999 Pure Gold Proof P02 - LIMIT 500

Price: $599.95 $499.95
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Product Description

A pair of adult kangaroos hop across the outback beneath the noonday sun on this low mintage, affordable, 1/4 troy ounce pure gold proof beauty!

Investment note:
With a total mintage limit of just 1,000 (and half of those tied up in the much more expensive 5-coin gold proof set), this first-ever Kangaroo 1/4 Oz Gold Proof looks like a steal at our below-issue price! Don't delay, get this ultra-affordable roo to add to your holdings today!

Investment Opportunity! The kangaroo is one of the definitive symbols of Australia, the island continent. The Perth Mint and Talisman Coins are proud to bring you an incredible new addition to the renowned Australian Kangaroo coin series. The Perth Mint has struck this beauty from one quarter troy ounce of pure gold, with a total issue limit of just 500 in single packaging! The coin is struck with frosted cameo relief and deeply mirrored fields, a full proof finish. It depicts a pair of large adult kangaroos bounding across the arid Australian outback under the noonday sun.

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A young Eastern grey kangaroo baby joey.Australia's Own Red Kangaroo
The Red Kangaroo (Macropus rufus) is the largest of all kangaroos, the largest mammal native to Australia, and the largest surviving marsupial. It is found across mainland Australia, avoiding only the more fertile areas in the south, the east coast, and the northern rainforests.

This species is a very large kangaroo with short, red-brown fur, fading to pale buff below and on the limbs. It has long, pointed earlobes and a squared-off muzzle. Females are smaller than males and are blue-gray with a brown tinge, pale gray below, although arid zone females are colored more like males. It has two forelimbs with small claws, two muscular hind-limbs, which are used for jumping, and a strong tail which is often used to create a tripod when standing upright.

The Red Kangaroo lives alone or in small groups called "mobs" (although food shortages can cause them to congregate into larger groups). Each mob is usually made up of two to ten 'roos, but sometimes a mob can consist of up to several hundred. Membership of these groups is very flexible, and males (boomers) are not territorial, fighting only over females (flyers) that come into heat. The largest males are dominant, and control most of the matings.

A grey kangaroo with her young, a baby joey, in her pouch, alert and attentive! When male kangaroos fight, they may appear to be "boxing". They usually stand up on their hind limbs and attempt to push their opponent off balance by jabbing him or locking forearms. If the fight escalates, they will begin to kick each other. Using their tail to support their weight, they deliver kicks with their powerful hind legs.

These herbivores' legs work much like a rubber band. Males can leap over 30 feet (9 meters) in one leap! Kangaroos are adept swimmers, and often flee into waterways if threated by a predator. If pursued into the water, a kangaroo may use its forepaws to hold the predator underwater so as to drown it. The Red Kangaroo is too big to be subject to much non-human predation. They can use their robust legs and clawed feet to defend themselves from attackers with kicks and blows. However, dingoes and eagles will kill and eat joeys. Joeys are thus protected in their mother's pouch.

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This design depicts a pair of large adult kangaroos bounding across the arid Australian outback under the noonday sun. The Perth Mint "P" mint mark is judiciously located to the right of the roos, at the 3:00 position near the rim. The legend 1/4 OZ 9999 GOLD guarantees the weight and purity. The legend AUSTRALIAN KANGAROO and the date are also indicated.

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Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, in crowned profile facing right. This portrait, featuring Her Majesty wearing a tiara and pearl earrings, was executed by the sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley. The legend ELIZABETH II and the denomination also appear.

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The coin is encapsulated inside an elegant, luxury solid wood presentation case, protected by a full-color outer box. An individually-numbered certificate of authenticity is included.

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Country Australia
Mint Perth Mint of Australia
Year of Issue 2018
Face Value 25 Dollars
Weight 7.777 g
Diameter 20.60 mm
Gauge (Thickness)     2.00 mm
Mintage Limit 1,000
Finish Proof
Composition .9999 Fine (Pure) Gold
Edge Reeded (milled, serrated)
Artist Thomas Vaughan (obverse)
Ian Rank-Broadley (reverse)
Certificate Individually Numbered


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