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Australia 2018-P Koala Bear Climbing Up Eucalyptus Gum Tree in Outback $200 2 Troy Ounce Pure Gold Ultra High Relief Medallic Proof Piedfort GX P06 - MINTAGE 150

Price: $4,299.95 $3,499.95
(You save $800.00)

Product Description

This ULTRA RARE (mintage just 150) gold proof depicts an adult koala bear in his natural habitat, climbing along an eucalyptus tree branch in the Australian Outback on this high relief, 2 troy ounce pure gold medallic piedfort (extra-thick coin)!

Excruciatingly rare! Savvy investors take note - the total worldwide mintage is only 150!

Investment Opportunity! The koala bear is one of the iconic symbols of Australia. The Perth Mint and Talisman Coins are proud to bring you this incredible new addition to the renowned Australian Koala Series of coins. The Perth Mint has struck this beauty from one full troy ounce of pure gold, with a total mintage of just 150! The coin is struck in ultra high, medallic relief on a concave, extra-thick, two troy ounce planchet (it is a piedfort) with a proof finish. This year the design finds our koala bear in his natural habitat, climbing along the branch of an eucalyptus tree in search of tasty gum tree leaves!

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Double-thick Piedfort Boxing Kangaroos $1 CoinAn Ultra High Relief, Proof Piedfort!
Once again, the Perth Mint has done the fauna and natural beauty of Australia proud! The coin is struck in ultra high relief, with a frosted cameo proof finish, and is a piedfort (extra-thick coin), measuring over 5 mm thick!

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What is a Piedfort?
A cute and cuddly koala climbs the eucalyptus tree. MUST...GET...LEAVESHard to find and popular with collectors for more than a century, piedforts are highly sought after. We get asked all the time, "What is a piedfort?" There are two different, but related, stories of the origin of the word "piedfort". The first says that it literally means "strong foot" in French (from pied, foot and fort, strong). The second says this word was appropriated by the mint centuries ago to mean "heavy measure" or "heavy weight". In both cases, the sense of serious heft to the coin is obvious.

Often the word "piedfort" is translated as "double-thick", but this is neither a literal translation nor a precisely accurate definition. Numismatically speaking, any coin that is 50% or more thicker than a standard version qualifies as a piedfort, although some piedforts are, indeed, twice as thick as normal.

Finally, the age-old question, "How is the word pronounced?" Coming from French, it is not pronounced as it is spelled; that is, don't say, "pide - fort". Rather, "pee - ay - four" (three syllables) is a good approximation.

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A mother koala eats the tasty leaves of the eucalyptus tree while her young joey pokes his head out of her pouch to see what's going on.A Most Unusual and Surprising Bear!
Despite its appearance, the koala bear isn't really a bear at all, but rather a marsupial. Nonetheless it fascinates us because it's so darn cute - it looks like a living teddy bear! Appearances can be deceiving here, too, because koalas aren't cuddly, either. They are arboreal (tree-dwelling), so they have very strong, sharp claws for climbing (and their bite can cause injury, as well).

Koala bears live nearly their entire lives in the eucalyptus (gum) tree, where they feed almost exclusively on its leaves. They have a very low metabolism for a mammal, so they spend up to 20 hours a day resting and sleeping (and the rest mostly eating). Eucalypt leaves are high in toxic chemicals such as phenols and terpenes, which only the koala has adapted to deal with - the toxins are neutralized in its specialized liver.

Marsupials are unusual, and, many scientists believe, more primitive, mammals. Their best-known characteristic is the pouch for their young, and the koala is no exception. The babies, called joeys, are only a quarter-inch long when born, and enter the world hairless, blind and earless, so the safety of mother koala's pouch is a necessity for its first six months of life. For its second half-year the joey will generally ride on mom's back.

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Koala Fun Facts
Shhh, don't wake him! This poor guy is all tuckered out after a day eating eucalyptus leaves! A cute koala bear takes a nap, smartly perched in the crook of a tree. You'd think that it couldn't get any more odd than a living stuffed animal that spends its entire life in, and only eats the leaves of, one kind of tree. If so, you'd be wrong - koalas are among Nature's most unusual and unique creatures. Here's a couple of other oddities about these fascinating fur balls.

Koalas are often thought to be silent, and they are most of the time, but males have a very loud mating call that can be heard for a distance of about one kilometer away during the breeding season! When attacked, koalas may issue a loud cry, which is often likened to that of a human baby.

The koala bear is one of the few mammals (other than primates) that has fingerprints. Koala fingerprints are remarkably similar to human fingerprints - even when viewed with an electron microscope, it can be quite difficult for an expert to distinguish between the two!

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This year the design finds our koala bear in his natural habitat, climbing along the branch of an eucalyptus tree in search of tasty gum tree leaves! The Perth Mint "P" mint mark is judiciously located to the left of the koala, near the 10:00 position near the rim. The legend AUSTRALIAN KOLA defines the theme, while the legend 2 OZ 9999 GOLD guarantees the weight and purity. The date is also indicated.

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Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, in crowned profile facing right. This portrait, featuring Her Majesty wearing a tiara and pearl earrings, was executed by the sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley. The legend ELIZABETH II and the denomination also appear.

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Each coin is encapsulated inside a luxurious, solid wood presentation case, lined with black velvet, and protected by a full-color outer box. An individually-numbered certificate of authenticity is included.

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Country Australia
Mint Perth Mint of Australia
Year of Issue 2018
Face Value 200 Dollars
Weight 62.213 g
Diameter 36.60 mm
Gauge (Thickness)   5.20 mm
Mintage Limit    150
Finish Proof with Ultra High Relief
Composition .9999 Fine (Pure) Gold
Edge Reeded (milled, serrated)
Artist Natasha Muhl (obverse)
Ian Rank-Broadley (reverse)
Certificate Individually Numbered


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