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Canada 2011 2012 Native American Niobium Full Moons - Special Bonus Discount 3-Pack - Buck, Hunter's & Pink Phlox Moon $5 Pure Silver & Niobium BiMetallic 3-Coin Proof Set

Price: $509.85 $339.85
(You save $170.00)

Product Description

Get this DEEPLY DISCOUNTED 3-Pack of Canada's first ever Niobium bimetallic revolutionary proofs with colorful, Native American designs!
This listing is for a Special Bonus Discount 3-Pack of three different Bimetallic Niobium and Silver Proofs! The COMPLETE 4-Coin Collection may also be available - click here to see if it is!
Sold out at the Mint!Talisman Coins and the Royal Canadian Mint are proud to offer you this new numismatic experience - the first ever Canadian niobium coins! These bimetallic proofs find pure niobium combined with precious silver to create the effect of a huge, full moon rising over the earth in a series of four Native American-themed designs created by noted Canadian artist and illustrator John Mantha. (Please see the article lower in this presentation for more information about this artist.) Let's see - new, Native American designs with are the first Canadian niobium coins ever. Each features a beautiful, colorful scene featuring the best of both metals. Did we mention that the mintage limit is only 7,500 per release? Do we even need to suggest that you act quickly? As anticipated, ALL FOUR of the Native American Niobium Proofs sold out at the Mint in record time - get the Native American Niobium Discounted 3-Pack today!

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Mintage note - The mintage limit of 7,500 seems way too low for the first-ever Canadian Niobium bimetallic proofs. All FOUR of the Native American Niobium Proofs (Buck Moon, Hunter's Moon, Lone Wolf Moon and Pink Phlox Moon) sold out in record time!

Discounted 3-Pack! Three Different Niobium & Silver Bimetallic Proofs at One Low Price!
All 3 Niobium Moon coins

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Calendar in the Sky
We look at cable TV or check the internet to see if it's going to rain, but there was a time when people gleaned far more information merely by gazing upward - particularly at night. Throughout history, cultures around the world have recognized the moon as the guardian of nature’s cycles. Its perpetual waxing and waning, “dying” and reappearing, marked the passage of time - not clock time, but rather the mythic time that governs the rhythms of life: the ebb and flow of the sea, the birth, maturation and migration of animals, and the scattering of seeds the sprouting of new plants.

In North America, the Native American peoples, including the many Algonquin tribes, utilized the lunar cycle as a celestial calendar to track time. They assigned a name to each full moon, to reflect the seasonal activities that accompanied its specific cycle. The Algonquin people lived across a vast territory from the Atlantic in the east to Lake Superior in the west, and the geographical distances between them produced a variety of names for each full moon.

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A July full moon, known to Native American Indians as a Summer Moon, Thunder Moon or Full Buck Moon.Native American Niobium Full Moons
The first-ever Niobium coins from the Royal Canadian Mint feature a distinctly Native American theme. The four coins in the series are:

    Full Buck Moon - Golden Yellow
    Full Hunter's Moon - Orange
    Full Wolf Moon - Blue
    Full Pink Phlox Moon - Pink

Two DISCOUNTED, multi-coin proof sets of the Native American Bimetallic Niobium and Silver Series may be available:
    Special Bonus Discount 3-Pack
    Complete 4-Coin Collection
Click on each link above to see whether they are available!

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A lone wolf in the snow, howling to its pack.Investment Notes
Why do we like these coins so much? Let us count the ways:
    1)  The first-ever Niobium coin program from the Royal Canadian Mint!
    2)  Unusual, non-through-metal style BiMetallic coin!
    3)  Full proof finish with mirrored fields and frosted cameo relief
    4)  Extremely low mintage limit of only 7,500 each!
    5)  An original work of art by illustrator John Mantha!

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Technology Notes
The Royal Canadian Mint leads the world with its many proprietary technologies. Now it has added another high-tech process to its stable of legal tender enhancements - oxidized niobium metal combined with silver for a dramatic and colorful effect!

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Canada 2012 Niobium Wolf Moon in box A full moon (in silver) rises over a vignette (each in three separate, distinct colors of niobium). The denomination is indicated.

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A frosted cameo portrait of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of England, in profile facing right. This portrait, the fourth effigy of the queen to appear on Canadian coinage, was executed by the artist Susanna Blunt. The legend ELIZABETH II D. G. REGINA ("Elizabeth II, Queen by the Grace of God") also appears, and the date is indicated.

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Each coin is encapsulated and presented in a wooden presentation case, lined with black velvet and protected by a black outer box. The case doubles as a flip-style display easel. An individually-numbered certificate of authenticity is included.


Country Canada
Year of Issue 2011 and 2012
Face Value 15 Dollars (3 x 5 Dollars)
Weight 25.50 g (3 x 8.50 g)
Diameter 38.00 mm
Mintage Limit       7,500 each
Finish Proof
Composition Pure Niobium and .925 Fine (Sterling) Silver
Edge Interrupted Serrations
Artist John Mantha
Certificate Individually Numbered

About the Artist - John Mantha
Canadian artist John Mantha has created countless visual works for advertising agencies, corporations, book publishers, magazines, television and movies, so when he was asked to design coins, he eagerly embraced this challenging new medium.

Artist and illustrator John Mantha, creator and designer of the Canada 2011 Niobium Native American Full Moon $5 BiMetallic Silver & Niobium proof coins for the Royal Canadian Mint.Mantha is undeterred by the challenge of downsizing his creative thinking from a movie screen or book page to the minute proportions of a coin, "The size of the finished product is really secondary. I see my role as an interpreter. I listen carefully to my client to get a ‘feeling' for what they are trying to say, and then figure out how to express it through my art. Some people speak multiple languages to verbally communicate an idea, but the languages I use are visual; and they include everything from the paint or pencil; the paper or canvas; colors, shapes, style and perspective."

The Native American Full Moon Series of Niobium and Silver Proof Bimetallic Proofs is Mantha's sixth collaboration with the Mint. "I have a great appreciation for the beauty of the full moon," he says. "I grew up in Sault Ste. Marie and would go canoing deep in the bush, where it starts to get dark as soon as the sun disappears behind the trees. But if there's a full moon, it makes all the difference when you have to find your way around the camp site."

While doing background research for the Full Moon Series, Mantha discovered that Canada's First Nations (Indians) people share a deep connection with the moon, "In fact, aboriginal cultures around the world consistently look to the skies for information - when to plant; when to hunt; when animals begin their migration."

"I believe the moon has magical qualities that are undeniable," says Mantha, "Ever notice how people glance up at night, even if for a second? The moon's size and location may change, but its powerful allure remains the same. This is why I kept it silver in all the designs. Regardless of the weather or the season, the moon is constant: a reassuring source of comfort for us here on earth."

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