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Fiji 2013 Fascinating Wildlife #1 - American Bald Eagle $10 Pure Silver Oval Antique Proof with Edge Lettering and Swarovski Simili Rose Crystal Gemstone Eyes - MINTAGE 999

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Product Description

A masterwork of wildlife fine art, this powerful portrait of an American Bald Eagle is intricately rendered in pure silver on this meticulously engraved, low mintage (only 999) beauty - featuring edge lettering and Swarovski simili rose crystal gemstone eyes!

Sold out at the Mint! Talisman Coins is proud to bring you the best in investment grade silver - the Fascinating Wildlife Series! Each detailed animal portrait combines a list of features desired by all collectors - all the bells and whistles!
    • Unusual, elegant oval shape and antique proof finish!
    • Exquisite gemstone eyes accentuate each animal's gaze!
    • Struck in one troy ounce of pure silver!
    • Very large size - over 2 inches wide by over 1.5 inches tall!
    • Each coin is unique - individually serial numbered on the edge!
    • Tiny mintage limit of only 999, making each coin truly rare!

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A portrait of power, the magnificent bald eagle in profile!Each coin is a masterful work of art! The following releases in the Fascinating Wildlife Series are planned:

    #1 - American Bald Eagle
    #2 - Giant Panda
    #3 - Spectral Tarsier
    #4 - Koala Bear
    #5 - Cotton-Top Tamarin
    #6 - Hedgehog

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Availability Note - This coin sold out at the Mint instantly on pre-release! As the first in an innovative new series, we can not recommend this highly enough; get yours now!

Investment Note - The total mintage is only 999, making each coin truly rare! And each coin is unique, being individually serial numbered on the edge! This coin will be sought after for for decades to come! If you want to get in on the ground floor, act now - do not delay!
Finish Note - To capture the depth of design and the details of the eagle's feathers, each coin has individually struck in a rimless format, then individually antiqued to give it an unique, medallic finish. As a result of this treatment, the appearance of each coin will differ, and variations in the antique finish are normal and as-issued.

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The Magnificent Bald Eagle
A pair of magnificent North American bald eagles, the national bird of the United States, perched on a rocky shore of a fast moving river.The great Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) is a native North American bird of prey whose battle back from the brink of extinction in some areas in the 1970s, is a species success story. Today, its range covers most of North America, from Alaska to northern Mexico. In Canada, salmon-rich British Columbia is the astonishing hunter’s stronghold! However, this magnificent bird breeds in all provinces and territories. Its populations are regularly monitored by wilderness authorities.

Most people realize that (despite its name) the bald eagle is not actually bald. The term “bald” may come from an outmoded usage meaning “white”, or from the term “piebald,” which means “patchy.” The bald eagle’s head and tail are covered in bright white feathers and the remainder of its body is dark brown. It has a sharp hooked beak and large feet tipped with long, razor-like talons and small spicules (spikes) that make it an exceptional hunter.

Eagles are renowned for their amazing vision, which allows them to see up to seven times farther than humans. Their swiftness is also notable and they can reach especially high speeds when diving. They consume small mammals, snakes, other birds, and carrion.

Bald_Eagle_Flying.jpg A bald eagle’s nesting spot of choice is a large tree near an isolated, well-stocked body of water. Their nests are among the largest in the world, spanning over ten feet (three meters) and weighing up to a ton, and host two eaglets per breeding cycle. Bald eagles are believed to mate for life. Their mating dance is a sight to behold, as prospective partners take turns trying to impress one another with complicated aerial maneuvers that include cartwheels, talon-locking, and more.

 Coastal eagles in more moderate climates tend to stay in the same territory year round; otherwise, eagles will migrate to coastal or southern wintering grounds. An apex predator exclusive to North America with no obvious natural enemies, the bald eagle population today seems to remain stable throughout most of its range.

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Investment Note
The bald eagle is one of the most popular of all American animals, as featured on many legal tender coins and its postage stamps of the United States; in fact, the bald eagle is the national bird of the United States! This pure silver coin has a total mintage of only 999, creating a truly rare, investment grade silver coin for the discriminating collector. The genuine Swarovski crystal simili rose gemstone eyes are an elegant touch. Finally, the serial numbering on the edge makes each coin individually unique!

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A meticulously detailed and finely engraved facial portrait of a noble bald eagle. The artistry is so subtle and intricate that the individual feathers on the eagle can be clearly distinguished. The traditional-style engraving has produced a magnificent work of beauty, with genuine Swarovski crystal simili rose gemstone eyes. The Latin binomial name of the Bald Eagle, HALIAEETUS LEUCOCEPHALUS, is indicated.

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The coat of arms or national seal of Fiji. The date and denomination are also indicated.

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Edge Lettering

Unique to this series, the edge of each coin is individually numbered with a serial number - making each coin unique!

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The coin is encapsulated inside a black leatherette, clamshell-style presentation case, lined with black velvet and white satin, and protected by a full color outer box. An original certificate of authenticity is included.

Country Fiji
Year of Issue 2013
Face Value 10 Dollars
Weight 31.10g
Dimensions 52.00 mm x 38.00 mm
Mintage Limit     999
Finish Antique Proof
Composition .999 Fine (Pure) Silver
Edge Plain with Edge Lettering
Certificate Included

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